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Zip-seal Window Screen

*Slap* -Dammit!
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Using the ever popular "ZipLock(TM)" Yellow and Blue make Green sealing system, apply an effective insect barrier to your windows. Can be used inside or on the exterior of the home to help keeps those pesky arthropods out of your room. Much less costly than replacement windows and weather striping, these can be applied seamlessly to upscale, as well as upper-class pricey homes.

Kit comes with 3 sheets of insect netting, and 3 one-yard strips of zip-sealing material (total of 6) per locking-side to accomodate different sized windows. Larger packages available, and order-by-length locking material available upon request for a nominal per-foot fee.

Screen material secured to locking material via thermal compound on backing of locking strip. First apply strips to perimeter of window frame, cut screen necessary to fit frame, press-on, and heat screen/strip joint with heatgun, hair dryer, or medical grade laser.

Save money from not running your air conditioner all night long, and enjoy those summer nights free from insect anxiety.

Once one side of the zip-locking strips are up, one can also replace the insect netting with thick plastic sheeting to help insulate the home during the wintery months.

Letsbuildafort, Mar 09 2004

Shrinky Screens http://www.halfbake...a/Shrinky_20Screens
Thanks [LBAF] [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       you don't have screens in your windows to begin with? bizarre...
buddymatt, Mar 09 2004

       I do, but they've been damaged over the years, and are prettymuch ineffective. That, and I don't feel like spending all that time replacing/repairing them.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 09 2004

       I've done both, and it sucks. However, I'm not convinced that this would be easier.   

       You have inspired me though...
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       You've still got //Yellow and Blue make Green//? Up here it's Pink and Blue make Purple.
spacecadet, Mar 09 2004

       This has been baked for years. The house I grew up in had plastic channels around all the windows, with a matching plastic snap-in strip. Simply place the plastic sheeting over the channel and press in the strip to lock it in place. Trim off the excess and hit it with a hair dryer to shrink out any wrinkles, and you're done.   

       This was back in 1979. That same year, my father put 8 inches of fiberglass in our formerly uninsulated attic, filled all the external walls with loose polyurethane foam, sealed all the wall sockets against draft, and bought a wood-burning stove. A few months later we were audited by the local natural gas supplier wondering why our fuel use had dropped to less than a third of what it was previously.   

       Great idea, but sorry, baked.
Freefall, Mar 09 2004

       The insulating part, or the actual screen part? I know about the insulating thing, but this can be applied to either the interior or exterior of the house to protect against insects. At least that was the body of the idea. If, by some chance you set it up in the interior/insulation bit, then its just a bonus from its primary function.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 09 2004

       The patent for "blue plus yellow makes green" (along with almost any other color change indication for sealing zipper bags) actually belongs to Glad bags, although Ziploc would be more than happy to hear that you associate their brand name with it.
luecke, Mar 10 2004


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