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Online Group Painting Project

Online Group Painting Project
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Set up a website where someone can draw in a photoshop-like environment. And everyone can draw over and or erase upto 20% of the picture all at the same time in real time, with no Undo feature. People express their opinions, thoughts, visions and make jokes, destroy and etc. All the steps are recorded. At the end of art project, a movie is made of all the steps, and we see how it reaches from blank page to final work.
romanmar, Oct 29 2004

A bit like this? http://tiles.ice.org/index_completed.php?
[angel, Oct 30 2004]

Or this? http://www.icontown.net/
[angel, Oct 30 2004]

RMX http://www.amazon.c...2-4363205:679:43545
I did a similar project in belgium earlier this year and theres another one coming up here in australia earlier next year [benfrost, Oct 30 2004]

not quite what you were after? http://www.imagination3.com/LaunchPage#
[po, Oct 30 2004]


       Ever since we were kids, my cousin and I like to start a drawing of our own, then after a few minutes swap them, so I continue his picture and he carries on with mine. Strange, yet beautiful, pictures come out of such experiment. It would be nicer if more people joined in [+]
Pericles, Oct 29 2004

       + This would definitely loosen you up, and encourage faster drawing.
ldischler, Oct 29 2004

       this process is called 'remix'. i participated in my first one in 2001, and the accompanying book is available on amazon published by die gestalten. remix projects are now everywhere.   

       i saw a cool one in melbourne at misty bar a few years back, where a photoshop screen was projected onto a wall, and each person had 60 seconds to do their thing via mouse.
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       An interesting experiement. Would the result become lukewarm groupthink or high-quality art?
RayfordSteele, Oct 30 2004

       I would call this a virtual graffiti wall.
bristolz, Oct 30 2004

       <Rolf Harris>'D'Ya know what it is yet?</'Rolf Harris>
gnomethang, Oct 30 2004

       a Rembrandt?   

       a didgeridoo?
po, Oct 30 2004


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