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MicroFirework Paintballs

Explosively create nifty splat patterns
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Perhaps I actually don't need to say anything more about this Idea. But if some annotation indicates the notion isn't clear, perhaps I'll come back and add a dozen or three paragraphs....

[zeno], look up how fancy fireworks are constructed, and imagine it shrunk down to paintball size. The parts of the firework that simply burn pretty would be replaced by paint (multiple colors, of course); the parts that explode the ball in a controlled way would be retained. We do want these paintballs to explode before impact (so the gun needs to ignite a fuse-equivalent as the paintball exits it).

Vernon, Sep 25 2014

Some info on firework construction http://science.hows...ions/fireworks1.htm
For anyone interested. [Vernon, Sep 25 2014]

Rex Garrod demonstrates his explosive paintballs http://www.youtube....=sa7o49uOzVI#t=1057
Not the same, but relevant (and a fantastic series) [mitxela, Sep 25 2014]


       Interesting, the different patterns which could be created by paintballs which explode on impact as opposed to those which explode in flight. Would be popular with frustrated Abstract Expressionists.
hippo, Sep 25 2014

       Well, a paintball hitting a target leaves a pretty explosive mark as it is, so is this about a firecracker with paint in? But can it be shot from a paintball gun or sent up with a rocket? I just don't get it. It's just too few paragraphs.
zeno, Sep 25 2014

       [+] A new way to make tie-dyed Tee Shirts, too!
xandram, Sep 25 2014

       Those are all words that I like, [bigs]. So are 'explosively' and 'art'.   

       'Bun' is another excellent word.
Alterother, Sep 26 2014

       My wife forbid me to experiment with napalm paintballs... but she didn't say anything about fireworks!   

       Two bangs in one, Sort like the Doublemint gum.
popbottle, Sep 27 2014

       Doublemint gun.
AusCan531, Sep 27 2014

       Bang-snaps (see Wikipedia) might be one method for achieving explosion on impact. But it occurs to me that the rapid acceleration of firing the paint ball (and I am thinking of a plastic ball-shaped projectile as I write) could also cause a similar mixture to ignite, perhaps in turn igniting a timed fuze which would in turn ignite a charge which would rupture the casing and free the paint. Containing the bang-snap and fuze gases would be a problem unless they are vented, or unless the casing of the ball can only be broken by the accumulation of bang-snap plus fuze plus final charge gases. All of the pyro would be suspended in the center of the ball, surrounded by paint, and the whole thing contained in the usual way by a plastic shell. Or perhaps you could make a slow-burning bang- snap core and calibrate the shell to burst at a certain pressure during the bang-snap burn.
Taxciter, Sep 30 2014

       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [Taxciter].   


       " Perhaps I actually don't need to say anything more about this Idea "
normzone, Sep 30 2014


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