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Online RPG based on Pirate combat and "New World" Exploration

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I may get objections of baked-ness based on the fact that Sid Meier's "Pirates" is an existing game, as is "Seven Cities of Gold". And yes, so are Online RPGs. But the combination of them is new, since most online RPGs are traditional AD&D based Fantasy crap--an exploration game hasn't been done.

For those who don't know it, these are two games from about 15 years ago. In one the point was sail around a New World environment and plunder cities, fight other ships and run local colony governments. In the other, the game was more RPG-ish and involved resource management and exploration, since it was a "fake" on-the-fly generated New World and not the actual one.

The innovation--and I'm not saying its a huge one--would be to put this into an Online RPG where different factions are actually other human players, and the ship-to-ship battles can involve alliances and more than two sides.

spaceman_spiff, Jan 18 2002

Neverwinter Nights http://www.bioware....neverwinter_nights/
The 1st planned D&D online game. NOT going to be crap by any measure of the imagination. [NeverDie, Jan 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Sid Meiers' "Pirates" was a pointless game with crappy 16-color graphics, pathetic sound, and a swordfighting interface that bit copious amounts of ass. I can't believe that box of electronic offal cost me damn near a full GPA point my sophomore year of college.
Guncrazy, Jan 18 2002

       Pirates?! You just stole a thumbs up, my friend.
AfroAssault, Jan 19 2002

       Arrrrr Matey
thumbwax, Jan 19 2002

       Oh my, many things to say about this one...   

       First, how big is this damn world? If this game was made and it became popular, you would need to play for days on end to get anywhere, and then what? It really wouldn't work to have different rooms for games because of the extensive required playtime.   

       Second, what is this about "fantasy-crap"? By definition, we aren't actually pirates (well I'm not anyway), so this is a fantasy game. Anyhow, even if you do use the 'traditional' fantasy meaning with magic and dragons and the like, since when is that crap? The only games like this I can even think of off the top of my head (which are still popular) are Diablo 2 and Everquest (and Diablo 2 isn't an RPG, by definition), and Everquest, even though I don't play it anymore, is a damn good game, thank you.   

       Oh, and lastly, they have very trained marketing and development people at such places that I can see making a game like this (Blizzard, 3DO, etc.), and I for one (for once) endorse their choise not to consider a new version of this semi-baked idea.   

       Whew. Now as I catch my breath I shall steal a croissant. Mmm...flakey.
NeverDie, Jan 20 2002

       What's an online Rocket Propelled Grenade and where can I get one? I expect AfroAssault would be interested as well.
Gordon Comstock, Jan 21 2002

       // What's an online Rocket Propelled Grenade and where can I get one? I expect AfroAssault would be interested as well. //   

       I assume the rocket propelled grenades would be part of the arsenal of the pirate ships in the year-2085 themed edition of the game. Kidding aside, I once overheard a conversation about Role Playing Games where a non-gamer walked up and asked why a bunch of college students were talking about playing with RPG's (of the type that [AfroAssault] would find interesting). I'm fairly certain the non-gamer was actually serious, unlike our fellow halfbaker.
BigBrother, Jan 21 2002

       Oh my goodness. That tale seriously almost brings a tear to this veteran Dungeon Master's eye.
NeverDie, Jan 21 2002

       So the point is the entire idea is bad because I used the phrase "fantasy crap"? Sheesh.   

       I won't change the phrase simply because good fantasy exists--of course it does. But on-line publishers are stuck in a rut. And yes, I understand that anything not real could be classified as "fantasy". So on that basis I will change the wording to say "traditional AD&D based Fantasy crap", to be more accurate but still be true to my opinion of doing the same thing over and over again--at least in terms of online games, that is.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 22 2002

       blissmiss, I don't know that much about the halfbakery site software. Does it really have to use that column format? It looks kind of neat, but the down-side is that long titles take more lines.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 22 2002

       you really should go exploring, Mr Lightyear
po, Jan 22 2002

       Your in all the right places, but with the wrong ideas.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 22 2002

       non-fantasy pirate game instructions move to philipines get some mates get a speedboat or 2 find isolated cove/bay/cave system get weapons <delia> i used a couple of shotguns and some small automatics for this recipe but you can use any powerful firearm if you cant get these in your supermarket</delia> attack pleasureboats, small trade vessels and small coastal settlements (combine with drug trafficking to taste)   

       seriously this could work the long voyages could be done by plotting course and just turning up at the destination if the voyage was uneventful and being stopped to sort things out if something happens (server could check routes being submitted to see if they meet other boats or hit bad weather) if it gets popular and overcrowded then there are plenty of other places and times of piracy to spread people out a bit (dont have to release whole world in one package) eventually you could have the whole world throughout history (of piracy/boats it amounts to about the same amount of time) to play with of course there would be popular eras and places but all online games have busy/popular levels/servers
chud, Jan 22 2002

       ahoy, chud matey, ye get the idea perfect! random events, new territorites opened up for exploration periodically, optional fleet combat (because the game could be slanted to let individual boats escape fleets much easier, or hide from them better)... I can think of about a million ways to make a great game based on this theme
spaceman_spiff, Jan 23 2002

       spaceman_spiff, I didn't say it was bad ONLY because of that phrase. I also brought up the illogic of making it a real time game, because you would need to sit for days on end to get anywhere in an RPG involving an ENTIRE WORLD.   

       Oh, and what do you mean online AD&D? If you are going to insult online fantasy RPG's leave D&D (it isn't AD&D andymore, it's D&D third edition) out of it, because they have never come out with a game based online as of yet. When they do however, it will not be "doing the same thing over and over again" (see link).
NeverDie, Jan 25 2002

       NeverDie: Damocles, a game in the Mercenary series by Novagen, had an ideal solution to long travel times. It simulated an entire solar system with accurate comparative distances, but gave the interplanetary ships a drive system that went ever faster the farther you were from the nearest masses. Thus, the larger the journey, the faster you went, and everything took between one half and twice the average time. This could be adapted for ocean travel by never mentioning it in the game world so that it doesn't need to be explained. :)   

       The mind numbing tedium of real world cartography can be likewise avoided by a total disdain for realism. (Always remember that in our games, we control the laws of physics) An idea from Dragon Star MUD: Rather than pre-generating a world map to explore, just build a formless mass of interesting finds and encounters, and generate the world map on the fly as the players explore it, inserting cool stuff at whatever frequency is required to maintain interest.
Mharr, Apr 12 2002

       So, you want something akin to Uncharted Waters: New Horizons mixed with a MMORPG? It could be interesting, to say the least. I honestly wouldn't mind something along those lines, as New Horizons was a wonderful game, and interaction with other traders/pirates would prove to be something out of the norm of the traditional RPG.
Slayk, Jan 30 2003

       This is a good idea, but.   

       Reality, naval vessels and good game play cannot mix. If a game of this kind were to be made playable fantasy would have to be ignored completely. Realism in combat not really possible as a sea battle take about 12 hours of chasing before any fighting is done unless it is a fleet battle when the it takes about 6 hours from finding the enemy to getting to them. The distances at sea are obviously two great in combat and for travelling. A solution to this is basically warps. You enter a warp; you are transported to a different place, possibly on a different server. The place has links through warps to other servers and is basically autonomous from any main game. People move around relatively small “planes” then move on to other planes through warps. This eliminates the world having to be constantly expanded, warps just open or close. The creator of the first plane, i.e. the game creator, puts in warps to a few other planes. Then these other planes have links from them. The main plane would have links to planes that are deemed fun and workable by the game creators. These planes have links to wherever. Potentially people could make their own planes which if deemed to be of an acceptable standard could be place in warps from the main plane. Not so acceptable planes might find their way to warps from planes that are themselves on warps from other planes that are from the main plane and so on. The further you get from the main plane, the less predictable the world is. How adventurous a person is and how far they explore from the main page is up to them, but it is a potentially limitless world, created mostly by players but with some input, guidance and arbitration by the game creators. This gives exploration, limitless possibilities/worlds, functionality, speed of travel, and most importantly it shares the load of the game over many small servers. What losses out is reality.   

       Well that’s my Idea done anyways.   

p24601, Aug 23 2003

       Brilliant! [+]   

       You HAVE to do this. My piratey friends and I would never put it down.   

       What's it going to look like and how will it function?   

       I've also been plotting making a similar game (based on exploration, littered with random events, stuff happening periodicly and the influence of other players changing the course of the game, so it's not just random) but your idea is much more developed - I'd love to see how it turns out.
SpeedDemon, Jan 31 2005


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