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New York Hobo

All the fun of being homless without the smell or cold
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In New York Hobo you are a hardened street-peddling schitzophrenic (spell check plz) ex-Vietnam vetran voiced by whoever but Bruce Campbell. The goal of the game is to control all the blocks of NYC and have other hobos do your bidding. Gain skill lvls and experience in the exciting abilities of, haggling, heckling, panhandling, acting crazy for pity, and many more. Im expecting a Wii release so it will include a pickpocket minigame and realistic knife controls.
THEBUBZ, Feb 24 2008


       Welcome, Theb. Sounds fun to me, but you need to do your own spell-checks. The natives here are particularly particular about that kind of thing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2008

       sp. "homeless", "schizophrenic", "please", "veteran", "levels", "I'm", "fishbone".
I'm curious how one becomes an "ex-Vietnam vetran[sic]"
coprocephalous, Feb 24 2008

       ...exactly how much fun do think it is to be *homless*?? sorry [-]
xandram, Feb 24 2008

       I dont appreciate bagging my boy Bruce. Hardened bone.
bungston, Feb 24 2008

       Technically speaking, a "hobo" travels. If a homeless person stays in one city, they are, in the modern argot, a "homeless person".   

       Welcome, [THEBUBZ]. It gets worse.
baconbrain, Feb 24 2008

       There's a better idea lurking in all that miss-spelled, stereotyped drivel. Think a bit deeper [THEBUBZ].
xenzag, Feb 24 2008

       I think something with more plot than "dominate the streets" might actually be neat. Something that rewards ingenuity and compassion while still forcing you to deal with the barriers that the homeless face. An immersive police quest style challenge. GTA without the cars and violence. People thrill at the chance to pretend to slum it for awhile. Throw in some gore, sex, and drug use and kids will snap it up.
WcW, Feb 24 2008

       I think you'd want to include a moral dimension to this game, ie extra points for doing things without hurting people/breaking the law.   

       Ultimately the goal of the game should be to get back on your feet. But maybe we see things differently.   

       Ultimately you could probably win the game fairly easily by mugging a pimp or drug dealer, getting his cash, buying a better gun and doing the same several times over. I always wondered how an organised vigilante would do against street thugs somewhat a la' TC's "without remorse".
Custardguts, Feb 24 2008

       What if that didn't get you any closer to winning the game? What if the goal was to solve a murder or get help for someone, or even something more surreal involving your mental illness and amnesia? You would be free to do awful things but that would be a dead end and no more plot points would be available and further all the other characters would be out for your head. We can punish bad behavior without destroying the neat things about an immersive game.
WcW, Feb 24 2008

       This is a grate idea, i think all hobos are retarted and shuld be rideculed bcuz they are a drane on society.
nomocrow, Feb 25 2008

       //bcause // sp. "bcuz"
coprocephalous, Feb 25 2008

nomocrow, Feb 25 2008

       your welcome
coprocephalous, Feb 25 2008

       //they are// Gr.: there
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2008

       I belive a friend of mine made a mod of Saint's Row that worked like this idea, sans the terrible spelling. That being said, this whole thing is a GTA ripoff.   

       Now, to make it better, I suggest a healthy dose of reality. Have police check up on you. Make it a "sandbox good-or-evil" style game. You can get back on your feet or become a kingpin, whatever suits you. If you fly low and sell pot, you get rich. The same goes for if you bring awareness to the homeless and change the world for the better   

       But that's just me.
Shadow Phoenix, Feb 26 2008


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