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Online Scrapyard Store

A collection of damaged goollds from other stores aowing for mix/match of its components and buy "as is"
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There are stores everywhere that have products that for some reason or another aren't fully up to par (e.g. missing manuals, doesnt work, missing cables, damaged screens, etc). Why not have another store where they just sell these not-100% products at severly discounted prices for the regular consumer but also giving them the ability to rummage these products and their accompanying components to pick and choose the elements they want and build the final "as-is" product they want to buy.

This store would outline what is wrong with the product (and/or its components) and give a selling price. But the consumer can drill down to the related component prices that make up that final selling price. You would find deals this way where you could then select components from that and put it to some other product you want to buy.

quantass, Jul 05 2009


       Baked: Scrapyard
kindachewy, Jul 05 2009

       Baked: eBay
8th of 7, Jul 05 2009


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