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Online webapp phone service

Phone like navigation along with simulated IVR lead you to submit service request answered by actual phone call
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Webphone service will be a new app that has a search engine on top leading you to the company/bank/utility service of your choice. Rather than dialing to their IVR you can reach the online service which is the first part of your contact, and gives you fast info as well with no wait. the webphone-service replaces the original website with easy navigation divided according to the virtual IVR set up by the webphone-service staff and is highly responsive. A link to the original website rather than contacting the phone service is also available.

Say, or key in: "Bank opening time" and it interacts with you remembering which bank(s) you have accounts with and asks: Do you wish to know your local branch hours? press 1 or say "yes"...

If the info is readily available it connects you with a service person. If not it connects to the actual IVR automatically dialing in all the required digits and telling you how long you are expected to wait. When they finally answer, you get called back by the Webphone-Service, while the answering party is told in your voice (message) what the problem is. The answering person's name is stored in the Webphone Service, and for a small extra fee so will the conversation itself and a trancription of it.

pashute, Jul 13 2015




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