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Psychotic Hotline

Call our toll-free number and get a reading today!
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Our genuine, board-certified psychotics will tell you amazing details about your life - they know where you work, they know your children's names, they know what make car you drive, they know the color of your boyfriend's hair.

They know where you live.

$3.99 per minute after the first two minutes. Adults over 18 only, please.

DrCurry, Jan 14 2003


       Can they transferr you to their colleagues at Paranoids Anonymous at the end of the session ?
8th of 7, Jan 14 2003

       baked - its called an ex-husband (or wife)
po, Jan 14 2003

       My god, these are my parents!
pluterday, Jan 14 2003

       //genuine, board-certified psychotics//   

       Oh, good - I wouldn't want unqualified psychotics picking at the cold pasta meal of my life with the plastic spork of their dangerous mental wrongness...
friendlyfire, Jan 14 2003

       Finally a hotline for the rest of us.
-lines-, Jan 14 2003


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