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OpenWiring.com, OpenPoke.com

Share your work with other people with an abstract representation of your work that can be improved by others and rearranged to suit them
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We can use English to describe work. We can also use Turing machines to move and shuffle data around abstractedly. We also have relational databases.

If most of work is movement and then planning movement: it's all logistics at the end of the day. Somebody has to move around kinetic energy, water, data or electricity in a washing machine or dishwasher or internet connected app or appliance. Or send this car part to this location.

If you had a diagram of things moving around, could you work out how they work and couldn't you improve how things work by adding features and changing behaviour?

If you have a complex system and it has people as well as well as computers.

OpenPoke is a website where you can register algebraic terms of different kinds of thing that can be arranged in a schematic and wired up to form a plan.

In OpenPoke you poke in all the things that you can work with in your work.

OpenPoke is where you insert abstract representations of work, like components of a schematic. So it could be a resource or a query for resources or a role for a person.

Then other people can see wiring of OpenPoke on OpenWiring and arrange systems and see their characteristics.

You might want to change how your bank does things, for you so you look at its OpenWiring and then change it.

You can also improve systems by adding resources to them or poking things into OpenPoke.

chronological, Nov 13 2023

UML https://en.m.wikipe...d_Modeling_Language
It represents roles, resources, processes, etc., as much as possible like components of a schematic, and has been doing so for years.. [pertinax, Nov 13 2023, last modified Nov 14 2023]


       //You might want to change how your bank does things, for you so you look at its OpenWiring and then change it.//   

       Two small problems here:   

       1. You seem to believe that what your bank does is primarily for your benefit.   

       2. You seem to believe that the bank would be happy to change its behaviour at the suggestion of a random person on the internet.   

       UML already exists. What does not exist, and what you have not invented, is magic UML which somehow bypasses the problems of corporate politics, accountability and control.   

       So, WIBNI, I think.
pertinax, Nov 13 2023


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