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One Click Advertisements - "Adhooks"

Get the stated advertisements' benefits by clicking once
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One click buy is WKTE, with Amazon's place order command. (Previously called 1 click buy)

I propose advertisement networks include a small piece of descriptive logic with their advertisements which tells your computer what should happen if you wish to purchase the advertisement as seen.

You see an advertisement for a product at a price, you can instantly purchase the product at that price by clicking on the advert. Your payment details and delivery details would be automatically provided to a neutral partner which handles the exchange.

There's an advert marketing a % percentage difference performance increase for software or a product enhancement. You should be able to one click purchase that advert enhancement as seen.

The advert program will recognise the computer environment it is in (mac/pc) and make the necessary changes to your computer or orders to fulfil the advert.

So if you click an advert for web hosting, it would set up the web hosting account for you.

If you click an advert for car parts, it will deliver the part to you.

If you click an advert for a piece of software that claims to offer a performance difference, it will automatically install that software.

For those technical halfbakers, I would also like advanced, complicated pieces of software to be installable via advertisements. So people can go computer shopping to install components to their networks. Imagine installing grafana and prometheus with one click installs in an advertisement market which would install the correct Ansible/Chef/Puppet code to the correct Git repository in your codebase. And add it to CI.

chronological, Nov 23 2020


       Even better would be 0 click adverts. The price and product is displayed on your screen, and that triggers a charge from your account and the item is delivered. If you don't like it you can go through a complicated returns process and then you will be refunded.
pocmloc, Nov 23 2020

       We don't like the sound of that last part, the bit about refunds.   

       How about if you just send the stuff back at your expense, and we keep your payment as a "restocking* charge" ?   

       *Unless you're returning socks, in which case it would be a resocking charge...
8th of 7, Nov 23 2020

       Short answer: no.
Purchasing should be safe, secure, and deliberate. Definitely NOT capable of "I accidentally clicked while I was scrolling, and now I have stuff on it's way...".
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 23 2020

       My proposal saves you from the accidental clicking thing.
pocmloc, Nov 23 2020

       Have any of you played a game that has power ups or if you've played Civilization or Stellaris, you can do research in-game and "discover" things. These give you power ups to build time reductions (Like military units build 15% faster).   

       This is where this idea comes from.   

       If advertisements were truthful, I could make decisions based on what advertisements were telling me.   

       And power up with them.
chronological, Nov 23 2020

       To the naysayers, what if there was a confirmation dialogue to confirm what you are purchasing?   

       It becomes two click to purchase. Most of the convenience is still there.
chronological, Nov 23 2020


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