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Open Carry Panhandling

More effective!
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Pity the panhandler. Or the person collecting money for an unpopular cause. The inarticulate person who might be doing both. But he might get some of your money because he is intimidating, and you do not want to interact with him any more. And he is in your way.

But some folks brazenly step right by. How might one augment the ability of panhandlers to extract revenue?

By making them more indimidating! Many states have enacted laws permitting gun owners to openly carry weapons, in hopes of fostering an air of public intimidation. A google image search turns up some nebbishy dudes with guns and a surprising number of hot chicks posing. Where are the tattooed skinheads? The mumbling posse zealots? I suspect people are scared to take their photos.

I propose that panhandlers and funds collectors (those who pass background checks, of course) also be fitted out with assault rifles or just a pistol in the waistband, to augment their collecting abilities. In addition to lucrativity, it would be a fine test of constitutional rights (1st and second amendments, together at last!) for video capture.

bungston, Jun 17 2014

Open carry http://blog.chron.c...13/05/gun-rally.jpg
[bungston, Jun 17 2014]


       Most panhandling related ideas seem to fall under the public homeless section. Maybe there should be a begging category? I suspect the homeless would be a less ideal population for this concept, as sensible ones would quickly pawn the guns.
bungston, Jun 17 2014

       Okay. I'm going to ask you to quantify "many states".
normzone, Jun 17 2014

       What about collecting for a cause?
bungston, Jun 17 2014

       <ponders imminent mention of "Carry On Panhandling">   

       // collecting for a cause? //   

       The NRA, presumably ...
8th of 7, Jun 17 2014

       Like an assault rifle ?
8th of 7, Jun 17 2014

       So it's legal to be a bum if you're rich enough to start a non-profit organization first.
Voice, Jun 17 2014

       Pudding is legal in most places with a solicitor's or peddler's permit/license.
normzone, Jun 17 2014

       Do you need a peddler's licence to ride a bicycle?   

       If you sell bicycle parts from the back of your bike, would that make you a pedaling pedal peddler ?   

       If you were a particularly scrupulous and exact person, would you be a pedantic pedaling pedal peddler ?   

       If you carried your dessert with you on your bicycle and always packed it carefully to prevent damage, would you need pedantic pedaling pedal peddler pudding padding ?
8th of 7, Jun 17 2014

       It was talk like that what got the Fox in Socks crammed into a bottle full of angry beetles.
bungston, Jun 17 2014


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