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Open Furniture

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Basically opensource furniture designs that are designed to be easily mass produced, and does not require much equipment to start.

1. Flatpackable
2. Cheap material
3. Easy to make without much tools

Was interested in the concept of a fold able desk made of cardboard for schools in under privileged areas.

Got me thinking, how much of an issue is affordable furniture is in developing countries. Would open design that anybody can mass produce using cardboard or other materials be a solution?

mofosyne, Nov 19 2014

cardboard school desk http://www.lostatem...sheet-school-desks/
[mofosyne, Nov 19 2014]

11 Furniture http://www.trendhun...trends/11-furniture
[the porpoise, Nov 20 2014]


       you had me at "open"
Voice, Nov 20 2014

       11 Furniture [link] beat you to it. Or maybe Ikea just hasn't sued them yet.
the porpoise, Nov 20 2014

       // desk made of cardboard for schools //   

       Has it occured to you just how flammable cardboard can be ?
8th of 7, Nov 22 2014

       // Has it occured to you just how flammable cardboard can be ? //   

       Yes, but the asbestos desk idea got rejected pretty quickly...
Canuck, Nov 22 2014


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