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Open Research Initiative

An open ended research initiative.. The Future is Open.
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Host a site that includes research tools that anyone can use to contribute towards solving a problem. For example, hundreds of engineers who want to do something good for the world outside of their workplace could check out pieces of a system, work on them, then check them back into a repository to keep refining a product's design and function. This is done with programming languages all of the time.. why not expand it to circuits/mechanics/chemistry/etc. on a free global scale!
kumpf, Mar 04 2005

On open source hardware http://opencollector.org/Whyfree/
Something I think [kumpf] might find interesting. [half, Mar 04 2005]


       Eventually, one has to consider this as part of a five year plan if one has 35 unfinished projects/interests. Not a commie five year plan, a "Starting Over " tv show personal analysis five year plan.
mensmaximus, Mar 04 2005

       Think of the future.. Not just open source software that you can use and modify, but open source products. You help design the next toaster, sofa, robot arm, wireless device, rollercoaster, etc. and make the world a better place for eveyone!
kumpf, Mar 04 2005

       There are Open Source Hardware design projects on the web.
half, Mar 04 2005

       yes, but this is of a different scale. All kinds of types of projects through one online location. Applets could allow drawing and documenting directly. It would be like the halfbakery is for ideas, but instead with projects that could make some real progress. perhaps the next step for many halfbakery users! :)
kumpf, Mar 07 2005

       This idea strikes me as a "Paypal" supported portal, where instead of small cash payments to support fledgling ideas, contributors may submit criticism, graffiti, and personalization.
reensure, Mar 07 2005


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