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Halfbakery Offline

Offline Browsing with Halfbakery for Android and Windows
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Create an app for Google Playstore that will allow halfbakers to take the site anywhere they go, by downloading all our dumbass articles to their mobile devices.

For an additional layer of useless complexity, the entirety of the site can be kept forever alive in the cloud as a distributed blockchain ledger, with each user's mobile device serving as a node.

That or zip files.

mailtosalonga, Jan 27 2022

Offline HalfBakery
[xaviergisz, Jan 27 2022]

An offline website https://solar.lowte...ffline-reading.html
[pocmloc, Jan 28 2022]


       Yep, the archive is still only a little over 1GB, and as I haven't finished, or even started learning Portuguese, I haven't automated the archive yet.
bs0u0155, Jan 27 2022

       I have made an alphabetised print out of all my ideas. It's a substantial 5 volume tome of A4 pages approximately 300 pages per volume. I would love a downloadable off-line app version with as well - Mac based of course.
xenzag, Jan 27 2022

       There is a solar-powered website I follow occasionally which has made an offline version of itself, by reformatting the content and uploading to a print-on-demand bookseller. (link provided). It would not take much extra code to automate such a process for the halfbakery. Presumably it would work best if organised by posting date. The script could download all ideas, sort by chronological order, strip out web formatting / convert to print format, group by number of pages, insert cover and imprint pages, and upload to the print-on-demand service. Us hapless victims could then simply browse to the print-on-demand shopfront page and order as many of the volumes as our budget permitted.
pocmloc, Jan 28 2022

       Looks like a bit over 1Gb of text would be pushing 1,000,000 pages. If we have 500 page volumes then the HB print-on-demand storefront will have about 2,000 volumes for sale. If each volume sells for £20 then we should each budget £40k for the complete set which should fit onto full height bookcases in a single room in a normal dwelling-house.   

       There would also need to be an index, I am not an indexer so I am not sure how best to generate this. I imagine a 20-volume index would be quite useful.
pocmloc, Jan 28 2022

       //Does that include all of your Tumblr illustrations?// - I have multiple notebooks filled with illustrations and other work. Instagram is my new repository for yet other work I do. I also use ccproof.nl to register ideas that I don't post on FB as they may be more commercially viable. I try to keep these various worlds operating separately from each other.
xenzag, Jan 28 2022


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