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Open Statehood

Anyone who wants in, gets in.
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I think once every ten years the United States should offer open statehood: any other country that wants to give up their sovereignty to become a full-fledged state in the Union will be accepted and all citizens given citizenship. They will be subject to the same federal laws and get full representation. Occasionally, I think about this idea, mainly because I'm curious if anyone would accept.

This might also be a good way to move toward a one world government – if you consider that a good thing. This would also be a good way to lift third world countries out of poverty because U.S. investment would pour in.

EdisonsTwin, Aug 16 2006

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       I would be surprised if this scheme were over-subscribed.
calum, Aug 16 2006

       This has been done very recently here at the halfbakery. I think it was entitled "Solicit 51st State".   

       I can't find it now, so I assume it was deleted. Advocacy?
Texticle, Aug 16 2006

       I don't even want to go near this idea.
hidden truths, Aug 16 2006

       //any other country that wants to give up their sovereignty//   

       ..//get full representation//   

       Ok, if I was an evil dictator of a largish country, what I would do would be split my country into around say 100 smaller independent countries just before the ten year open-statehood came round.   

       Each smaller country would then join the US - they would get senators, governors , congressmen, mayors etc etc and could then be used to destabilize and control US policy from then onwards.   

       Maybe. I'm not from the US and am not quite sure on your electorial system in terms of how much representation you get as an individual state....
monojohnny, Aug 16 2006

       //split my country into around say 100 smaller independent countries just before the ten year open-statehood came round//
You'd get control of the Senate with just 51 countries. But you'd need more than 200 to get control of the House. For the Presidency, all you need is an idiot.
ldischler, Aug 16 2006

       Nah. I say that the UK kindly offers to repatriate the former territories of the British Empire and Her Majesty's Commonwealth.   

       (Definitely cropped up in an earlier idea)
Jinbish, Aug 16 2006

       I'd go a step further and say that the UK's acceptance of various spurious independence declarations can only be honoured temporarily. In other words, independence should be on a license basis. Failure to fill out all the appropriate renewal forms for an 'Independence License' by the given date (and of course, timely receipt of any associated 'administration' fees) will cause the state in question to default to UK rule. Renewal periods could be set to anything from between a year and every 5 years or so.   

       Rubbish countries (insert list here) might be excluded from the scheme for confusing legal reasons.
zen_tom, Aug 16 2006

       Such an arbitrary system makes little sense. There are plenty of scenarios where statehood may in the end be an option, from the Carribean to British Canada if Quebec ever does secede.
theircompetitor, Aug 16 2006


       Having just gone through open enrollment for medical insurance purposes, I was hoping for the option to declare my immediate neighborhood a state, and get some representation in our alleged political process.
normzone, Aug 16 2006


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