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private anno

private annotations for things irrelevant to others
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Make it possible to annotate ideas with annotations only visible to the author of the idea.

When I try to write here in English (not my first language) I probably make a lot of mistakes. I know there are people out there who would like to correct me (I would, if you wrote in Dutch) but I am tought it is bad manners to publicly correct other people's grammar and spelling if you are not asked to.

As the author of an idea I should be able to make it possible to annotate my writings for the kind of things that are a bit irrelevant for the idea itself and of no interest to other readers.

Much like you can tick the checkbox on your profile page if you do not appreciate illustrations next to your invention. But then something like "people can leave private annotations."

Yes, all this is also why you publish an e-mail address on your user page, but I think everyone assumes e-mail does not work anymore. Or perhaps it is too much hassle to start a mailclient? The e-mail I received through the Halfbakery so far was only funny chitchat.

It would be even better if these 'private annotations' are also send to you through instant messaging, so you can immediately correct typos in your idea only minutes after you published it. For that we need a second checkbox on the profile page: "private annotations are send to me through <fill in IM-handle>"

rrr, Apr 26 2007


       // I am tought it is bad manners to publicly correct other people's grammar and spelling if you are not asked to.   

       That's true in general, but on the halfbakery, especially if the author requests corrections, I don't think doing that in public is a problem at all.   

       If you want people to send you private messages through some instant messaging service, how about you say that and list your ID? I have hopes that some of the halfbakery users are able to follow written instructions without the help of a checkbox and two layers of scripting...
jutta, Apr 26 2007

       Oh come on Jutta, you know most of us barely have the brainpower to slap our keyboards with our flippers. Most of us can't even spell fhishbohn, much less crooosaint
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 26 2007

       I have really liked the fact that folks here will correct errors for others, be it spelling, grammar, or idea conceptions. If someone has their email posted in their profile, I have emailed them if I felt I wanted to make a personal contact.
xandram, Apr 26 2007

       Defeats the very purpose of the halfbakery, which is to display one's _________ for all to see and comment on. [-]
nuclear hobo, Apr 26 2007

       Ach, we kunnen het toch ook zo doen?
zeno, Apr 27 2007

       >> if the original poster welcomes it   

       Next time I could add a written instruction like "spelling correction appreciated in seperate annotations". After I have corrected the errors, I could then delete the corrections.   

       What protocal exactly? Just 'scaipa'?   

       But then again, I have learned it is bad manners to delete annotations, even if they are off-topic, not related to the invention.
rrr, Apr 28 2007

       If an anno is only there to provide spelling/gramma assistance, there's no shame in making a correction and then deleting the anno.   

       Once the anno is gone, nobody else is going to see (or remember) it - you've essentially turned what was a fleeting public conversation into a private one.
zen_tom, Apr 29 2007

       //spelling correction appreciated in seperate annotations//
sp "separate", "protocol" Please feel free to delete. :-)
coprocephalous, Apr 29 2007

       Unless an idea or post is riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors I usually don't mind but I have on occasion seized the opportunity to exercise (exorcize?) my inner pedant in an attempt at humour, mostly to point out how pedantic I am.
Canuck, Apr 29 2007

       If it got two whole fish, would this be promoted to Corporal Anno?
pertinax, May 02 2007

       I thought that spelling mistakes should only be pointed out if they were funny. A recent example was //walked about the isles thinking// - was this an archipelago-based supermarket? ("Ah! Deli Island - I'll buy some salami, I think") by [hippo]   

       Also I think situations where something can be taken in another way are ok, such as "Private Anno - Spend a year by yourself".
marklar, May 02 2007

       If I point out spelling, I normally mean it as if your were about to go out the house with bad outfit on - you'd rather a friend told you so you could change, wouldn't you?
Jinbish, May 02 2007


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