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Orbital Politicians

Upon electing the country's premier - immediately launch him/her + cabinet into space
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This benefits democracy in an almost infinite number of ways.

Not leastly... the leaders would have to keep space exploration on the boil, lest they run out of supplies.

Leaders would almost assume leaderlike qualities that we could all aspire to, such as heroism, bravery, fitness, intelligence (monkeys can't fly rockets any more), etc.

Subtle changes in regime could follow - don't bring them down if they break manifesto commitments. (Also works, if like the tyrannical Americans, your 'democrats' decide to become tyrants)

Mebbe I ought to file this under "Other:Space Trash"...

Siz, May 21 2001


       Pretty good, but it would cost the tax payers _QUADRILLIONS_ because the politicians would also throw huge parties and bring all their lovers up and all that crap.
salmon, May 21 2001

       The civil service would be too busy running ground control. (Thereby restricting the amount amount of possible damage they wreak upon their country)
Siz, May 22 2001

       An OK idea for a pro-space government. This might be best for a world governing agency (aka UN) so there won't be any dispute over which country/land the ruling body would reside. Also a good place for an evil genius' lair.
the great unknown, Jan 14 2003


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