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Orbital Prism

Party on into the night
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No 21st century party capital should be without it.

"They said it was a waste of materials but it makes up for itself in revenues generated by the visitors. Someone thought that a better idea from the orbital billboard would be this thing and it got faster zoning approval, as well."

"So anyway this whole prism is situated right over the city. When you go there during the day everything is bathed in different pastel colors. That's different and has a neat effect but not really very noticeable."

"However, at night, holy shit, it's a different story! Because of the way they rigged it, no one color stays over any part of the city at any one time, so we are bathed in a Roy. G. Biv cycle every 10 minutes and that's so sweet."

"Yuh huh! At night, that's because it's not in the Earth's shadow all the time. They also have a giant mirror to reflect it where it needs to be. But that's not the sweetest thing, Once you get past the Biv to the UV and your clothes start to glow."

"This thing is pimped out, first of all its a mile wide, but its really simple. Its a plastic foil mirror with defraction grating in front of it, and all sorts of servos and tethers to get everything the way they want it. It even has the liquid crystals sandwiched into the defraction grating incase they want to shut it off and make it all black."

"The clouds, did affect the colors, you gotta remember, there aren't alot of clouds out where we were anyway. And the colors light up the clouds too. Not only that, where the clouds weren't, beams of color rained down all over the city."

"It was like a citywide rave. I mostly stood around outside and got drunk."

sartep, Jul 10 2004


bristolz, Jul 10 2004

       I'd get more excited by "Orbital Disco ball"
hippo, Jul 10 2004

       Ground effect, rainbowed, Aurora Borealis.
FarmerJohn, Jul 10 2004

       How warm would this be?
dpsyplc, Jul 10 2004

       As long as it's pimped out.   

       Let it shine, I say.+
skinflaps, Jul 10 2004

       "I mostly stood around outside and got drunk."   

       I guess a change of lighting would be nice for my Friday nights.
Detly, Jul 10 2004

       This says it all.
DesertFox, Jul 10 2004

       I dunno... I think there are some things it's not saying.
waugsqueke, Jul 10 2004


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