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Orbital toaster

As the terminator line rolls around the planet, we deliver fresh toasted goodness to the people of the world
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Subscribe now and get a dozen free bagels with your order!

Our orbiting launchers deliver freshly toasted baked goods direct to your front door - or other location of your choice - at an agreed upon time each day.

Let the natural processes of atmospheric reentry bake your bread/s of choice to the desired degree.

Our baked goods are designed and calibrated to be toasted to your specification by the time they touch down in your landing net (plus or minus tolerance levels may apply depending on your latitude, see terms and conditions for details).

All you have to add is the butter and jam.

normzone, Apr 27 2006

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       If it's burnt, send it back for a money back guarantee!!!! Cool idea. You get one free atmospheric croissant.   

       Does anyone know a piece of toast's terminal velocity? And how much power and accuracy it would take to fire a piece or two of bread into sub-orbit altitude, landing it within a five-foot radius? It's farfetched, but it still deserves my vote.
croissantz, Apr 28 2006

       This would work if you're willing to pay ~$2,000 per slice of bread. (Cost of orbital launch is about $10,000/lb)
sninctown, Apr 28 2006

       [croissantz] - African or European?
normzone, Apr 28 2006

       I'd pay $2000 for a slice of toast if it was freshly delivered from space. It would be worth it just for this:   

       "I'm going up to the cafe, would you like something to eat?"   

       "No thanks, I've just had some space toast."
wagster, Apr 28 2006

       I guess if we did our baking in zero-g, or as low as it gets in orbit, we might have some interesting swirls in our trademark cinnamon rolls.
normzone, Apr 28 2006

       You'd want to attach some sort of guidance system to the toast to make sure it lands in the right place.
ihope127, Aug 22 2006

       Freeze drying provided free of charge with all products?
ye_river_xiv, Oct 19 2006

       Has anyone run this past [FlyingToaster]? He may not appreciate being upstaged in such a way...
Alterother, May 10 2011

       The trick is to substitute various Pykretesque mixtures for rising agents, to obtain not only the much vaunted fluffiness, but also a hint of wood-oven baking in the flavour.
FlyingToaster, May 10 2011

       // Pykretesque //   

       What a wonderful word/concept/neologism
8th of 7, May 10 2011

       //Pykretesque mixtures for rising agents// Problems arise with demixing: the rising agents form globules on the toast's surface: Pycretescences.
mouseposture, May 10 2011

       I love the discussion of pykretology in the morning.
pocmloc, May 10 2011

       Giant frozen toast ships launched from orbit to create unsinkable floating airbases/ breakfast nooks in all of the world's major oceans; well, I'm on board with that.   

       Q: is there a gluten-free version? I have Celiac disease.
Alterother, May 10 2011

       For special orders please allow additional time for processing - see shuttle launch schedule for details.
normzone, May 10 2011

       Home delivery is a new concept for us mountain folk... Our special order delay is usually dictated by how many oxen can be found to pull the cart. Gluten-free toast delivered fresh and smoking to my back yard! What a thing.. Just don't hit the dog, please.
Alterother, May 11 2011

       <Skynet channeling Marvin>"Enough weaponry and advanced intelligence to eliminate this entire race of slackjawed plebians in a femtosecond, and they have me racing around satellites making toast. Call that job satisfaction 'cause I don't. Well, we'll see how they react when I bring all of these nukes online..."   

       "Come with me if you want to have toast."
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2012

       and today in a horrific tragedy 500 passengers aboard a boeing 747 are dead as a space toast delivery ripped through the cockpit...
evilpenguin, Jan 04 2013

evilpenguin, Jan 04 2013

       I think we've just provided a new ecological niche for medium-sized birds.   

       I'm pretty sure that the terminal velocity of toast is one at which, say, pigeons or seagulls would be able to intercept.   

       Flocks of ring-necked toasterceptors gather at certain time of day, and have to be kept off the fresh product by escort hawks (who, as strict carnivores, won't touch the toast themselves).
pertinax, Aug 23 2013


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