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Popping toaster

Hangs from ceiling and pops up leaving toast on plate
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Surprised its not halfbaked yet. I'll remove this if it is or if flying asks. Inspired by [flying toaster]'s name.

Insulated cover prevents anybody from getting burns. A warning message will be heard and flashed before the pop, so everybody except people with epilepsy will be warned in advance, and don't get their heads bumped.

pashute, Aug 22 2011

Why that Moniker Why that Moniker 3f
(Thanks po) [pashute, Aug 22 2011, last modified Aug 25 2011]

why that moniker? Why_20that_20Moniker_3f
[po, Aug 25 2011]


       I would prefer something that looks like an animal that unsquats and steps away from the plate as if it had just laid/pooped the toast.   

       That gives me an idea.
marklar, Aug 22 2011

       I suppose I've given it a bit more thought, but I tend to vacillate between a benign shiny toaster with white wings that delivers toasted cinnamon buns that float onto the plate, and something rather more swoopy with lasers that cackles occasionally... if that helps to clarify.
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2011

       // With any luck at all, the toaster will land on a cat.// and burst into rainbows.
marklar, Aug 23 2011

       So this is more accurately described as 'flying toast'. The Halfbake is in the relocation and affixation of the toaster appuratus to the ceiling. If we can incorporate some kind of laser designator targeting device, I'll provide a croissant for ammo.
Alterother, Aug 23 2011

       OH, ok. [+]>>>[-]
Grogster, Aug 23 2011

       I suppose I should be honoured or something, but really you should post your idea of what a "flying toaster" is, rather than what you think I think it is, or more tot he point, what I think I'm supposed to be, which would more properly be my post, if I could be arsed, which I can't.
FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2011

       Well, the link is toast anyway...   

       [grogster] why the >>> ?   

       [flying] changed to "inspired by" and idea name to popping toaster. Leaving it to show a friendly idea gone bad.
pashute, Aug 25 2011

       oooh - this gives me a nidea..
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 25 2011


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