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Organic Matter Electricity Creator

Turn your rubbish into Electricity
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With California's blackouts and the threat of a US energy shortage I propose that we turn all that landfill into energy producing fuel.

Ever notice how hot the end of a cigarette is? If you've been burned by some klutz at a party you surely do.... Why not pack all the organic rubbish that we are currently tossing into landfills into a huge metallic tube (much in the manner of the paper rolled tube used to hold the tobacco in a smoke). This tube should have heatsinks that divert the heat from the soon to be inferno into a chamber that rests below a large water source.

Light the end of the "rubbish tube" and pull oxygen through it in the manner of taking a puff off of your smoke by hooking windmills up that, when turned, will pull air through the rubbish tube and really get the thing blazing.

The heat generated boils the water and the steam is used to turn turbines much in the same way heat from a nuclear reactor derives energy.

rkw77, Jun 30 2001


       //But when are we going to see matter creation from ogranic elecricity...?//   

       Boy, that's a tough one. Pretending that electricity produced by organic beings is itself organic, we can use immense numbers of electric eels to power a particle collider and then any matter created from the kinetic energy of the collisions would be... well not really, I suppose.
Dog Ed, Jun 30 2001

       I learned in one of my biology classes that waste management actually does do half of what you were talkin about. They take a lot of waste from landfills and burn it in large tubes, but i don't know about using it for energy, thats another story...
Cryptic33, Jul 01 2001

       A utility building like this exists in Sim City 3000.
mrkillboy, Jul 02 2001

       Or a band, with "Creator" the synth player.
Monkfish, Jul 02 2001

       beware: The fire itself will create a draft and burn uncontrollably thus melting whatever container you made. Find a cardboard tube (paper towel works fine) and stick it in a fire and whoof! gone.
I2RI, Jun 09 2003


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