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Toilet Seat Sanitation
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Simple device: A container is attached to the toilet, above the seat, so that when its button is pushed a disinfecting spray is lightly misted over the seat. You then take a bit of toilet paper and wipe it off and toss the soiled paper in the toilet.

When I have to use a public restroom, I always wipe the seat, and right in front on the inside rim, first with a tounge-moisten wad of paper. My spit doesn't disinfect, and nor does yours.

A special key, or voice activated lock controls the container so no one switches the nice chemical that cleans with something nasty or dangerously caustic.

macncheesy, Jun 06 2007

funny in a similar vein http://www.youtube....watch?v=BHPzee0qhJg
[Murdoch, Jun 07 2007]


       Do you know how many people each year contract illnesses from toilet seats? Neither do I, but I suspect that the answer is less than the smallest even prime number.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 06 2007

       Unless you have open sores on your buttocks/thighs, you'll probably be OK without sanitisation.   

       That's not my bone though. It never is.
Texticle, Jun 06 2007

       (-) Yeah, I'm sorry. The problem that this invention is solving only exists in people's imagination.   

       The irrational fears of touching things that other people touched served humans well during those centuries where it wasn't clear which invisible demons sit where for how long. But now that we can test this stuff and find out for real, let's use science.
jutta, Jun 06 2007

       CVS carries a hand-sanitizer spray that clips in your shirt pocket. It's refillable, for your favorite irrationally-strong bug killer.
baconbrain, Jun 06 2007

       I've had golfball-ball sized boils, but not from toilet seats. It's not the toilet seats I'm more concerned with, it's the piss on the ground that i'm stepping in. It's not so much a sanitation issue than a smell.. hygenic.. issue.
twitch, Jun 07 2007

       //It's not so much a sanitation issue than a smell// Gr: "not so much....as"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2007

       Irrational fears are justified when, on a hot a sticky day, a big & burly trucker steps out of the gas station's side bathroom that I am in dire need to use. Upon entering I see a "sweat ring" on the seat where the privious users rump sat, along with a couple of...what I hope are eyebrow hairs...on the rim. You can use science at that moment to test this thin film and folical [jutta], but I'll take a squirt of SaniSpray, thank you very much.   

       Also, the employees responsible for cleaning the toilet regularly can do it simply with a push or two of the button.
macncheesy, Jun 07 2007


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