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Au linked to an organic molecule that changes shape with EM radiation is published at Science magazine We orchestrate oxytocin plus GnRH as well as opiate peptides with an EM field to give an orgasmatron effect
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Woody Allen tried the Orgasmatron

This orgasmatron is a machine that gives you an orgasm when it turns different sexy peptides on with different electromagnetic radiations

Au linked to organic compounds has been made to change shape with EM radiation as light (link)

GnRH peptide causes lordosis or sexual physical posturing bremelanotide peptide causes sexoul arousal An opiate peptides rush with oxytocin for intimacy

all of these peptides pass the blood brain barrier We link each to a different Au or Ti atom grouping such that different electromagnetic frequencies affect the different neuropeptides differently (Ti is much more likely to pass the blood brain barrier yet is a medically well tolerated ion)

you could have different amounts of the peptides orchestrated from a computer that was monitoring you or your groups reactions

beanangel, Sep 25 2009

Au linked to organic molecule changes shape with light http://www.sciencem...cetype=HWCIT,HWELTR
[beanangel, Sep 25 2009]


WcW, Sep 25 2009

       Totally incoherent.
tatterdemalion, Sep 25 2009

       I'm actually pretty worried about him.
WcW, Sep 25 2009

       This is a very natural, beautiful, complexity you are trying to twiddle with a few pointy levers. I think because of the number of molecules and patterns involved in an orgasm the collateral effects would negate any gains.   

       Then again, messing with orgasm might give a way to alter unwanted aberrant social behaviours.
wjt, Sep 25 2009

       // This is a very natural, beautiful, complexity you are trying to twiddle with a few pointy levers.   

       Lots of people take medical or recreational drugs and are quite happy to twiddle with their very natural, beautiful, etc. complexity - this isn't that different, just a weird delivery mechanism that I don't understand. (We don't know that much about the existing level of drugs either, yet seem to accept the risk.)
jutta, Sep 25 2009

       twiddle what a great word.
po, Sep 25 2009

       //We link each to a different Au or Ti atom grouping//   

       So, you're building molecules which combine a peptide with an EM-sensitive metal, then...   

       //all of these peptides pass the blood brain barrier//   

       ... you're injecting them into the bloodstream? If so, then what is the role of EM? If not, then what is the relevance of the blood-brain barrier?   

       Are you getting them from blood to brain "under their own power", so to speak, then using EM to activate and deactivate them once they're in?
pertinax, Sep 26 2009


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