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Oriental Hand Drum Windmill

You know they would be fun to look at
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You remember in the second Karate Kid movie where Danial-san is about to be defeated and Mr. Miyogi takes out his family's drum and starts to spin it to and fro, fro and to, in his hands to make a beat for Danial to "wake-up" to and win the final battle. You know, the tamborine type object with a ball connected to a sting on each side so that when you spin it the balls take flight and beat against the skin of the drum to make a sound. Why can't we make those drums 20 times bigger and put them out to pasture? I would love to drive down the road and see hundreds of these spinning out in the field, bowling ball sized objects flying through the air, crashing into the face of the drum, tum...tum..tum.tum.tum.tumtumtumtum! Wouldn't even need a radio and we could get some bass going on.
The base of the wind-drums would probably have to be on a screw-type object, but would have to allow it to go in both directions. The wind would have to be strong enough to turn the drum heads and lift the balls, but other then that, I think it's doable. What say you, techies?
barnzenen, Sep 21 2002

Hand Drum http://store.yahoo....ung/luckydrum1.html
You're right, barnz; it's called a Hand Drum. They even mention Karate Kid II. [XSarenkaX, Sep 23 2002]

The Karate Kid Website http://www.fast-rewind.com/kkid/
Saturday Afternoon, kids fare. [Jinbish, Sep 25 2002]

Crane Technique http://www.fast-rew...com/kkid/tourm3.htm
When done right...blah, blah...blah [Jinbish, Sep 25 2002]


       I don't know about whether it would be doable, but it would be cool to see. Croissant.
madradish, Sep 22 2002

       I think this would be cool, but would the wind ever be forceful enough to produce the necessary changing momentum to make the sound? I think regular windmill generators may be needed to power these. Rhythm is important in getting these to work.
XSarenkaX, Sep 23 2002

       How come nobody's annotating this fine idea?
XSarenkaX, Sep 25 2002

       Tut, tut, tut. That means you don't know the phrase 'Wax on, wax off', or 'No Mercy...mercy is for the weak', or of the magic of 'crane technique', "When done right, no can defence"!   

       This was Ralph Macchios finest (?) hour!! (Apart from Crossroads, maybe).
Jinbish, Sep 25 2002

       Naw, his finest hour was in My Cousin Vinny. ;)
XSarenkaX, Sep 25 2002


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