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Other People's Searches

See What The Young Kids These Days Are Searching For.
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Let's face it, unless you've typed in something spelt very wrong, you are searching for something amazingly technical or obscure, or you are using some very little-known search engine. It is unlikely that much that you search for will not have been searched by someone before you.

I think it would be a useful feature if you had an option on search engines of seeing which of the search results people with the same query used. As in "39/45 searchers visited this page" on the link.

Whilst this would not guarantee that the link would be any more useful, it would be a helpful indicator of whether a certain site is likely to be worth visiting.

hidden truths, Oct 01 2005

AllTheWeb Search Engine used to list other people's recent searches http://www.allthewe...g=crv&_sb_lang=pref
[Dub, Oct 02 2005]

no ranking, but entertaining http://www.metaspy.....metac.spy/metaspy/
Metaspy oldschool [Giblet, Jan 21 2006]

Google's baking of this idea. Shown in window. http://www.huffingt...tion_n_3435993.html
[pashute, Jan 07 2014]


       Google does not have what you suggested, but does have 'Google Suggest', which automatically suggests popular searches as you type, with the number of results for each. You have to type 'halfb' before halfbakery comes up.   

       I'm sure that your idea would be quickly implemented by Googlewhackers to create yet another variant of their sport.
dbmag9, Oct 01 2005

       Nice one [hidden truths], might be nice here also.
zeno, Oct 02 2005

       Churn, churn, churn...   

       Also, Ask Jeeves <discusted look> used to have a fake one of this (it didn't trust kids to put in things that were display-worthy, so it just did a looping list of good questions to ask). But no-one likes Ask Jeeves anyhow.
dbmag9, Jan 12 2006

       You raise a good point [boysparks]. I was using on the thoery that repeat searchers would make it more valuable, but your idea is a definite improvement. There would be no more onus on a searcher to leave feedback than say, on an IMDB review, and people do so there.
hidden truths, Jan 20 2006

       Google is rumored to use the relative (to position) percentage of clickthroughs to a given page in their ranking algorithm.
justaguy, Jan 20 2006

       If someone did a similar search and clicked on a bad site, and 60 other people fell for the same link, then it would suggest that this is a good site even though everyone fell for the bait.
Jscotty, Jan 21 2006

       Better digg, stumble, blink, myweb, kaboodle, reddit or thousand one ways of other people's searches and visits of those pages with ratings avialable now. Then what is meaning of knowing percentage of visits per searched pages !!! I dont think this option is not needed for even a SEO specialist.
drizzlein, Jun 25 2006


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