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Parallel reality Google

To stop Google from killing wonder and magic.
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At the moment I am re-reading the wonderful book “Mr, Wilsons cabinet of Wonders”, Laurence Weschlers account of the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles. I can heartily recommend it to all of you. (Amazon link below)

However, my reading pleasure is greatly compromised by my iBook on AirPort, sitting next to me, beaconing me to google items, persons and facts.

The duration of the wonderful feeling of not knowing whether something is real or not, this magical existential limbo, is cut short by Googles ruthless efficiency. (So called) reality on tap, kills magic, wonder and art.

On the web, even more that in real- reality, reality is a thing of putty. Who doesn't like a good crackpot theory or conspiracy theory. Being able to determine whether something is real is intrisically valuable, if only from a anti-crime or political standpoint. But when this ability to crosscheck deminishes benign pseudo- reality, like art or literature it is not good.

I would like to extend Google to include fake links to fake websites, spoofs and fake stuff from cinematography, literature and art submitted by anyone with an imagination. These links would be classified as such in the database, so as not to contaminate the existent stuff. Google users would then set a preference on and off in their settings to enable a spoiler indicator in search results that indicates whether a link relates to parallel reality and bathe in blissful ignorance or know the real facts.

Ehrm, Feb 18 2006

Weshlers Book http://www.amazon.c...43?%5Fencoding=UTF8
Mr. Wilsons Cabinet of Wonders @ Amazon.com [Ehrm, Feb 18 2006]

The Museum http://www.mjt.org
The Museum of Jurassic Tecnology [Ehrm, Feb 18 2006]

More info http://www.soundpor...urassic_technology/
More info on the MJT and Weschler [Ehrm, Feb 18 2006]

Beauvais Lyons http://web.utk.edu/~blyons/default.html
wonderful unreality [xenzag, Feb 19 2006]


       I once proposed a museum of bogus things - the sound of grass growing, miniature elephants, that kind of thing - and I heartily endorse any effort to make the world a more random and less reliable place.
DrCurry, Feb 18 2006

       http:// done. Just what the doctor ordered.
Ehrm, Feb 18 2006

       www.mjt.org - WTF?
wagster, Feb 18 2006

       See the 3rd link, [wagster]
Ehrm, Feb 18 2006

       Ah, I see. I wish LA wasn't 5456 miles away.
wagster, Feb 18 2006

       //every day, confuses the crap out of people who are looking for some product or service// Hah! I think that's why I'm here. Keep up the good work.
wagster, Feb 18 2006

       + for anyone who likes the Museum Of Jurassic Technology. Check out Beauvais Lyons.... see link for your pleasure, Ehrm.   

       As for "reality" I've always had my doubts about the value of this. Could we have Reality Cheques - issued by the Bank of Shifting Sand?
xenzag, Feb 19 2006

       Thank you [xenzag], Lyons is also mentioned in the book, but I did'nt see this one yet. Joy.
Ehrm, Feb 19 2006


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