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Other: Long Distance Communication

Quantum Radio for Real-time Control of Distant Bots
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A new nanotech radio invention was just announced. I'd like to use a quantum tube on a robot somewhere like Mars (or further) with the other end in a lab on earth to do instant radio control and feedback.
Obscuro, Nov 02 2007

Quantum tube system Quantum tube system
A different kind of Quantum Tube. [zen_tom, Nov 02 2007]

is this what you mean? http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/7050477.stm
I can't help with the category - it sounds awfukly like magic to me. [po, Nov 02 2007]

(?) entanglement remains intact over 144 kms http://www.thenanot...ent=88&PressID=2520
Wow, that's some knot! [Ling, Nov 04 2007]

Ansible Ansible
The name is from a scifi story that used a device by that name working by the entanglement. This concept is discussed at some length here. [bungston, Nov 04 2007]

Beam me up Scotty http://www.research...info/teleportation/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 05 2007]


       Nice idea, but using entanglement to communicate 'spookily' just isn't possible.   

       I think the reason for this is that you can't knowingly change the state of one of the particle-pairs, only observe it. Or is there something special about quantum tubes (what are they anyway?) that I don't know about?
zen_tom, Nov 02 2007

       is the title some kind of category choice?
po, Nov 02 2007

       I didn't know where to put it. I'm new.
Obscuro, Nov 02 2007

       Welcome, then, and a big howdy from the guy who gave you your first fishbone. I had to run an errand, or I'd have written something earlier.   

       You could have posted in the category "other: faster than light". If you search the 'Bakery for your key terms, you may find similar ideas, which will give you a category or let you see that you've been beaten to your idea. Your subtitle makes a pretty good title.   

       You should post a link to the new invention you refer to, if it's relevant. But the item I found by Googling "nanotech radio" has nothing to do with quantum tubes, at all.   

       Saying what you'd like to do isn't really an invention. You've got to give us about half of how to do something new, or at least describe something new. I'd like a remote-controlled bot on Venus, myself, but I'm not going to post that wish here as an idea.   

       Lastly, FTL quantum radio (which is what I think you're after) has been thought of, but it isn't easy to do. If and when the big-brained boffins invent quantum-effect FTL communication (and you might be the person to do that), they'll probably think of controlling robots with it. I doubt they'll sit around making FTL phone calls bemoaning the fact their robots are impossible to control.   

       Stick with us, and better luck with your next idea.
baconbrain, Nov 02 2007

       Welcome, keep them comming.
zeno, Nov 04 2007

       Here's an analogy to explain quantum entanglement.   

       You have two marbles - one black, one white. These marbles represent two entangled particles. Each marble is placed in its own box, but you don't know which marble is in which box.   

       As soon as you open one box you know what colour marble is in the other box (this is analogous to the wave function collapsing).   

       As you can see, you can't communicate any information by the opening boxes and, by analogy, you can't communicate information with entangled particles.
xaviergisz, Nov 04 2007

       Does that mean that changing the spin flips the colour of the marble but the marbles are still hidden in the box ? Maybe the key is in sensing the collapse . Take a whole boat load of boxes to whereever and read the collapses .
wjt, Nov 04 2007

       [xaviergisz] that's a great example, thanks.   

       [wjt] I'm not sure you can controllably change anything about the marbles, except the order that you look at them - of course you have to communicate this order to your robot in the traditional way, so no FTL comms.   

       I have a pet theory that the curvature of space that we call gravity is caused by quantum entanglement.   

       <crackpot theory>The closer two bodies are, the more likely their constituent particles will become entangled. The space in-between all of these objects is actually made from a rough web of these invisible fibres of entanglement - without these fibres, everything would all be concentrated at one exact spot Instead, it's made of an ever growing network of entanglements.   

       Spooky action at a distance isn't spooky any more if distance itself is created as a result of entanglement.</ct>
zen_tom, Nov 04 2007

       Now that's the kind of science I like, [zen_tom].
pertinax, Nov 05 2007

       Yes, entanglement is not so spooky if it's created by its elf.
4whom, Nov 05 2007

       This gets a triple thumbs up, or however many thumbs they have out there on Alpha Centuri. Not only is the message completely instantaneous, but so severely encrypted nobody will be able to decipher it. Unfortunately this will include the intended audience.
4whom, Nov 05 2007

       I am annoyed , I though quantum entaglement was a physical action ( the marbles do effect each other nomatter what the distance ) and this is an anomaly to known laws of connection . If the marbles don't effect each other then it is just a predetermined sematic definition unwrapped .
wjt, Nov 07 2007

       //it is just a predetermined sematic definition unwrapped// marked-for- tagline
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2007


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