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Reverse Ion Drive

Surf the Double Doughnut Xenon Drive
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The first (outer) Doughnut is a EM attracting force that will reincorporate the xenon propellant back into MO. (I currently don't know how).

If you can play along and imagine a super power source, then the outer doughnut is a projected electromagnetic field that funnels xenon ions back towards the center.

The inner doughnut is also a heavy energy feeding system. It both attracts and repels the xenon matter in order to get the xenon dust to cyclone as fast as light speed. (The EM red flywheel is programmed to make this happen).

Once the xenon dust hits light speed, a --- seriously, this is not funny anymore. This is the 3rd time Something funny has erased what I've written. To Hell with the world, then.

Zimmy, Apr 13 2006


       Fork You [Ximmy]! I have it all right here in my mind.   

       Once the xenon dust hits light speed, a depression hits the fabric of space and time.( Any matter at light speed has a near infinate density, no?) this depression allows the craft to surf along along the wave of nothingness faster than anyone ever believed possible.   

       The V-surfing would not be possible without the probably incorrect theory of (I can't think of it's name) where space is a blanket dimpled by heavy masses.   

       Ngoc and Tom are sitting comfortably bantering on about sensations and discriptive words defining hot and cold.   

       The next is darkness.   

       Bogus Fogus! shouts Ngoc! We've lost all systems!   

       Er, what? says Tom?   

       I've got some of them back on line, says Ngoc.   

       erg la mona be quaZ?   

       I'm looking at the video and it looks like we ran across a comet in surspace.   

       Can we re-start the mass drive? asks Tom?   

       I don't know how, says Ngoc.   

       I've been reading on & off about the drive. thinks Tom aloud.   

       Us both being Canadians, know that there's more to it than just stuffing Canadian quarters into the go slot, no?   

       WHat do you mean? asks Ngoc?   

       Canadian quarters, nickles, dimes, etc. are all part nickle. At least up until 2009. That means they're attracted to magnets.   

       I looked it up & Jean Fete designed the drive to take only Canadian quarters!   

       Ngoc? where was your last vacation on Terra?   

       Costa Rica, Tom.   

       Perfect! PERFECT! Costa Rican Coins stick to magnets too! We can re-start this thing.
Zimmy, Apr 13 2006

       Are you ok [Zimmy]? I can come over with some hot food if you want me to.
methinksnot, Apr 13 2006

       I am surprised that this is even coherent. sorry all.
Zimmy, Apr 13 2006

       wow [zimmy] whatever that is, don't bogart it.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 13 2006

       Ok, if you guys can vote for something you don't understand, them I'm gonna too....+   

xandram, Apr 13 2006

       Remember, the harder it is to understand, the more scientechphilosicated it is.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 13 2006

       If I have the polarity reversed on the outer doughnut, I' m sorry. I figure that by the time I can afford the warehouse to build this thing that I can ask one of my sons to check my math. & SCREW POPSCI! they won't allow links to their articles. I've payed good money for that rag. My Dad payed good money for that rag (for decades). Screw PopSci!
Zimmy, Apr 15 2006

       Stick it to the man [Zimmy].   

       Hmm. On reading this, I thought that [Zimmy] somehow had a worldview that was perpendicular to everyone else's. However, from the annos, I'm the only one to whom this doesn't make sense. (wanders off, muttering, to make a tinfoil hat)
david_scothern, Apr 15 2006

       No [ds], I'm with you. I just stared slack-jawed for awhile, then went to watch some Friends to regain my sense of normalicy. Can I help with your tinfoil hat?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 15 2006

       Waga Waga Waga. PopSci this month perfectly demonstrates why this wil and will not work.. Well, Iff you subscribe to only popsci, there's the pictures to look at.
Zimmy, Apr 17 2006

       O.K. O.K. Zimmy sucks.(even zimmy knows that) the double xenon dougnut? hmmm... have you seen photograhphical evidence of iron filaments aligning, aligning in dependence upon where the are placed?   

       The magnet forms a umbrillical shape that could not otherwise be called a doughnut., right? Upon this you mus base your feeling of the outer doughnut. A magnetic field positively charged, funnels the xenon right? ... later....   

       the inner doughnut spins clickilng faster than time. It whirlhls & twhirls in disregard of emotion. The on.y thing we care about the inner doughnut is that it dips us into the fabric of space.
Zimmy, Apr 17 2006

       People that refer to themselves in the third person worry Rayford.
RayfordSteele, Apr 17 2006

       You're more worried about people who refer to themselves in the second person.   

       You agree with ds and spoon. Please square the coordinates to bring them out of imaginary space and tell you again.
dbmag9, Apr 17 2006

       We would have been believing that this would have been being a honky-dory idea.
methinksnot, Apr 17 2006

       oh umbrellas and doughnuts and funnels....dimpled blankets...surfing in the dark... I just can't stop reading this.   

       I want a tinfoil hat with matching purse.
xandram, Apr 18 2006

       The xenon is ejected & then pulled back in by an electomagnet on the front of the lawnmower.   

       The xenon ions, now recaptured, circle along the imaginary blades at near light speed until released again out the ejection port & recaptured in the catterpillar port - all by pull of the EM at the front of the craft, yet behind the elliptical xenon path & still in front of the circular EM accelerator.   

       The math says that if almost light speed is acheived on the elliptical release & recapture (if I grok it) that a gravity well will develop in front of the craft.   

       I suspect - but am not certain that I need a counter balancing accelerator (inner doughnut) to prevent catastrophic craft spin.   

       So... An umbrella is slowly thrust into the fabric of space time and gradually opened. Mary Poppins had it right all along!
Zimmy, Sep 15 2010

       is it density that increases (cuz of getting shorter) or mass
FlyingToaster, Sep 15 2010

       Ha! I haven't got the foggiest idea what this idea is about, Zimmy, but I have to admire the fact that you are still tenaciously clinging to it over four years later. Have a bun just for sheer, bloody-mindedness' sake.
DrBob, Sep 15 2010

       This is sure to get me fishbones galore, but - go get your kid's push scooter if they have one.   

       Do everything in your power to move it without touching the ground.   

       You can, isn't true?   

       You shifted central mass & according to my ME friend, used friction to do it.   

       This is the same person who told me that shifting the center of gravity was how intersteller travel was possible, just to clarify.   

       Go bowling.   

       Right before you normally let the ball slip from your fingers, grip it tightly again.   

       What's the reaction?   

       It pulled you towards the pins, I think.   

       Your arm was the EM. The bowling ball was the xenon.   

       Atoms at high speed acheive greater mass.   

       The bowling ball becomes heavier each set & each time pulls you further forward   

       Until the ball dimples space time enough to knock the pins down before you see it happen.   

       The release of the Xenon on a forward tangent through the craft engine right moves the craft left. The capture & ellipse draws the craft forward.   

       This is why you need opposite circular acceleration tubes for the xenon - to balance the newtonion reaction in the release & recapture.
Zimmy, Sep 18 2010

       The ultimate in hand-waving--using bowling to explain an interstellar drive. This is of course, bad science, but since you've managed to go four years without an MFD for violating conservation of momentum and you haven't actually claimed acceleration for the craft, I won't bother. (And I do like the thrusting umbrella bit.)
ldischler, Sep 18 2010

       ...food's gone cold.
methinksnot, Sep 20 2010

       Bad science!
Zimmy, Feb 08 2012


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