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Outhouse opus

a cofee table book
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I propose to create a coffee table book that contains pictures of the greatest sayings I have ever seen in public bathrooms. If you look hard enough, one can find all sorts of "truth nuggets" splashed about on the walls. I'm not talking about the "for a good time call..." or the "(insert fraternity name here) is gay"

There is some really good stuff out there:

"Bad Spellers Untie!"

"Use Protection, Accidents Cause People"

"The toliet Cam is For Research Only"

"Beware of the Toilet Gnomes"

etc. etc.

Id start with midwest truckstops and podunk taverns...eventually ramping up to colleges and universities on both coasts

Interpolate this:, Mar 12 2007

Nigel Rees Book Of Humorous Graffiti http://www.alanslov...-humorous-graffiti/
1978 I think [nineteenthly, Apr 27 2017]


       Fill your boots. That's not a recomendation or anything just something I read.   

       Welcome to the world of Halfbaked ideas [I t]   

       you could make a book of spelling wisdom yourself ... where's my f'n cofee ? (sic)
xenzag, Mar 12 2007

       Seen in a portaloo:
On back of door: Welcome to toilet tennis! Look right.
On right wall: Look left!
On left wall: Look right!

       I was in there for hours.
squeak, Mar 12 2007

       [Squeak] I was about to post that!
phundug, Mar 12 2007

       /eventually ramping up to colleges and universities on both coasts/   

       ...of the world? United States of America. Same thing, I guess.
Texticle, Mar 12 2007

       This was baked, not as a coffee table book but as a paperback, in fact a series of paperbacks, by Nigel Rees in about 1978.
nineteenthly, Apr 27 2017


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