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Shoes of criminals

photobook with the shoes of criminals and their crime
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People need heuristics to determine wether a person in the street is a possible threat or not.

I just read an article with somebody complaining that people still often use skincolor and other racism as a heuristic. While he (and many like him) had absolutely nothing to do with people with his skincolor who end up high in crime statistics and are structurally connected to crime in the mass media.

My experience is that it is totally unreliable and just plain unhuman to judge someone on the color of their skin.

I propose a much more reliable heuristic. The shoes people wear.

Make a photobook with pictures looking down on the feet of criminals, showing what shoes they wear. In the corner of the picture the crime history and all relevant data of the person is listed.

Not only street criminals, but also financial frauds and all that.

rrr, Mar 27 2004

Smoking Gun http://www.thesmoki...mugshots/index.html
website with mug shots of criminals [rrr, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]




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