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Automatic Oven Timer
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A Timer that automatically shuts off when you open the oven door
rootbear48, Dec 10 2002


       And if you're only basting the chicken...?
dalek, Dec 10 2002

       Maybe this would only be active when the timer is close to the end of its run? Say, the last 10 minutes of the time set.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002

       'Cause manually hitting the "cancel" button would be just too much effort......
Marassa, Dec 10 2002

       People forget to cancel the timer. I know I do. This backs them up.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002

       And people forget to turn off the oven, too. Let's make the timer and the oven shut off once the weight sensitive oven racks realize that no food is left in the oven......now there's an idea....
Marassa, Dec 10 2002

       bristolz: but then the timer itself reminds you... (Wondering if you have a different kind of timer: mine makes a loud buzzing sound.)
dalek, Dec 10 2002

       Assuming the timer shuts off the oven.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002


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