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Use your food to program your oven
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Inbuild a barcode scanner into the interior of a microwave oven. Use food dye to print a barcode on the food. This barcode instructs the oven how to heat/cook the food.

Lazy/incompetent folks just stick the (say) cooked chicken into the microwave, and presses the start button. The oven locates and scans the barcode, sets the appropriate power and time settings. Presto. Foolproof food.

As a bonus - the food dye could be something that boils off at a low temperature, so that the barcode doesn't show up when the foold is served.

And why not include this in regular electric ovens/stoves too?

iejack, May 31 2004

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       Ack. Thanks for that. One of these days I'll have a second original idea. :)
iejack, May 31 2004

       Crossover: a dye to use, courtesy of my-nep. Also tells you when chicken's ready.
yamahito, May 31 2004

       I assumed the idea was to buy the food pre-printed.
yamahito, May 31 2004

       No, not just advocacy.
yamahito, May 31 2004

       The thing that is different about this idea is the notion of the food itself bearing the barcode and that the heat of cooking removes the code. If that were the primary idea than I could go for it. Especially if it enabled different schemes such as verifying that it had the proper packaging and expiration dates, that the ink itself changed color or disappeared as the food approached cooking temp, etc.
bristolz, May 31 2004

       The idea that phoenix sites is not *quite* the same, as that uses the packaging, and this uses the food itself.
yamahito, May 31 2004

       I agree it's not quite the same, but it dredges up the old bugaboo: How different is different? The title of the idea refers to an oven capable of setting itself to cook food based on the presence of a barcode. This author puts the barcode on the food. The author in the link puts it on the package the food comes in. Does it make a difference? I don't think so, but I may be missing something.   

       As [bristolz] seems to imply, the title has a lot to do with the perception of what the idea is about. Is this idea about a self-setting oven or about barcoded food? Again, I'm not sure it really matters in this case because the linked idea specifically makes reference to both the smart oven and the food to use it - just like this one.
phoenix, May 31 2004


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