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Over-the-field seats

Seats in the roof of a sports stadium, with glass floor
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In a domed stadium, seats in the roof of the stadium are made available, with a safety-glass floor to watch the action. (Like a glass-bottomed boat.)

If the field proves to be too far away, the glass floor could be slightly curved to magnify the field below.

I would prefer to lay down and watch, so the seats shouldn't be packed in. You don't want to be craning your neck down the whole time.

crawdaddy, Jan 14 2003

Tonguing made easy.... http://www.geocitie.../flutetonguing.html
[normzone, Jan 02 2005]


       I picture enourmous fishing rod-type affairs dangling the eager sports fans over the field.   

       Would these be cheaper or dearer than regular chair seats? And how would the snack vendors get about? <wibni>Jet Packs or strap-on mechanical hummingbird wings, I hope.</wibni>
friendlyfire, Jan 14 2003

       But the saftey glass would be all opaque from all the peanut shells and spilled beer.
snarfyguy, Jan 15 2003

       Three words, snarfy - giant windscreen wipers.
friendlyfire, Jan 15 2003

       <Ref>Pass interference, Rainbow Head, Row Z, 15 yards</Ref>
thumbwax, Jan 15 2003

       It all comes down to safety measures, and well, even if you have fences for the roof seats, something could still go wrong. Fish Bone for now.
5thdown, Dec 31 2004

       New territory for penalties due when players act out after scores, e.g., looking up and spreading arms, pointing, or tonguing.
reensure, Dec 31 2004

       Tonguing? see link
normzone, Jan 02 2005


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