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Parabolic Sports

Especially football varients. (soccer, rugby, etc)
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Instead of a flat field, the game is played on a curved surface. Steepest at the goals, almost flat in the center. At the goals the slope could be up to 45 degrees. This would make rolling balls follow interesting curves. Interplayer visibility would be greatly improved.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 11 2007

Hyperbolic Paraboloid http://mathworld.wo...olicParaboloid.html
Curved Surface [csea, Apr 11 2007]

Parabolic Pool Table Parabolic_20Pool_20Table
by ldischler [calum, Apr 11 2007]

Parabolic Ice Park Parabolic_20Ice_20Park
by Worldgineer [calum, Apr 11 2007]

Slamball http://www.youtube....watch?v=inJ2k4mpVCo
Basketball + trampolines = madness [imaginality, Apr 12 2007]


       Consider a hyperbolic paraboloid for your "curved surface." [link] Be sure to click on and move the java item around.
csea, Apr 11 2007

       Soccer could stand to be hyperbolic. That ball seems pretty lazy and inert much of the time.
bungston, Apr 11 2007

       45° is extremely steep. Believe it or not, a 30° slope feels like about 60 when you're standing on it.   

       Back to the idea - wouldn't this make football even more boring as a spectator sport?
Texticle, Apr 11 2007

       45 is wonderfully steep. I want the players teetering and working just to keep from falling down.   

       So far as spectator interest, this will concentrate the action in the center of the field.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 11 2007

       Thanks to the Parabolic Pool Table, I'd honestly never considered a *non-spinning* parabolic sport. It would be sufficiently interesting to be worth trying.
wagster, Apr 11 2007

       Basketball. (+) Something has to make that sport more watchable.   

       [2 fries], see link.
imaginality, Apr 12 2007


       Maximum or minimum at center field?
GutPunchLullabies, Apr 12 2007

       "Interplayer visibility would be greatly improved."   


       Ice hockey anyone?
GutPunchLullabies, Apr 12 2007

       This is discriminatory: it isn't necessary to have a parabolics to play sport. Some of the sports even provide the opportunity to lose one, if you had some to begin with.
Ling, Apr 13 2007

       [ling, ling ling ling ling!]   

       It took me a second, and then I regretted that second.
bungston, Apr 13 2007

       Didn't cycling bake this decades ago?
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 17 2007

       The concept is pretty neat, but you'd really have to legalise doping, because players have a hard time running for 90 minutes as it is.
placid_turmoil, Apr 17 2007

       But this way they spend half their time running downhill.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 17 2007

       They would be running half the *distance* downhill. Since uphill running will be twice to three times as slow, the poor bastards will spend 66-75% of their time on ascent.
placid_turmoil, Apr 17 2007

       Um, skateboarders on a halfpipe with basketball hoops so that they have to jump really high to dunk would be cool, or halfpipe jousting like on skate-or-die, or skateboard football on a halfpipe would be awesomely sweet too.
quantum_flux, Apr 19 2007

       Imagining Tom Brady chucking a football up a 45 degree incline for a touchdown gets this a bun alone.
croissantz, Apr 20 2007


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