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Overalls Art

He Moves In Mysterious Ways
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The artist dons an undersuit fitted with large, ink-fed roller balls on the outside. The artist then puts on a set of white paper overalls like those SOC officers wear. Then the artist switches on the ink and makes a series of characteristic movements - for example, "dancing the twist" or "rowing the Atlantic". Once finished, the ink is switched off, the overalls are removed and the arms and legs are cut open, to reveal a Work of Art; which is then pinned on the wall with the title beside. Simple. Colourful. Profound.
Harry Mudd, Sep 10 2007

que? http://www.acronymf...ng=exact&s=r&page=1
[pertinax, Sep 10 2007]


       acronymfinder.com lists no fewer than seven pages of possibilities for 'SOC'. Go on, [Mudd], give us a clue.
pertinax, Sep 10 2007

       i think it's "Species of Concern" officers...   

       i don't quite understand how the idea works. the "artist" wears rollerball outfit number one, then puts paper outfit on top and shimmies around for a while and then they take off paper outfit, cut it flat and call it art? aren't they all going to look pretty much the same (shows mostly elbows, butt, knees, and boobs if you got 'em)?
k_sra, Sep 10 2007

       tsk, they'll be getting elephants to do it next...
po, Sep 10 2007

       I had an idea like this, only it involved the use of wet body paint, no overalls and the kinds of physical movements best described here as coed naked wrestling.   

       Don't forget that's it's much easier to hang flat sheets of paper, than anything form-fitted to the human body, however much you cut it up. I also think the random paint splashes on the outsides of overalls, especially blue denim ones, is very arty, in a Pollocky sort of way.
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007

       //I had an idea like this// of course you did!   

       you could start with the flat paper and then use it like a paper pattern to sew it into a proper garment.
po, Sep 10 2007

       po: It's written down somewhere, though I might, under the circumstances, have a hard time retrieving it*. Just need a model to put the paint on. You want to volunteer?   

       * though I hasten to add, it's not a very original idea in the first place. Andy Warhol did something very like unto that in his Factory.
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007

       //Simple. Colourful. Profound.// You can have any two.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2007


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