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Overtly Intricate Door Handles

Make a simple device complicated for aesthetics
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Inspired by a relatively simple handle on the door of a rack mount (requires 3 separate physical actions to open), I thought "why not make a door handle with such an intricate, complicated mechanism that it becomes a thing of beauty".

Imagine a door handle that takes 5, 7 or even 23 1/2 distinct mechanical operations to release it's hold on the door frame - and with each movement, the handle unfolds like a masterpiece of origami, or extends a new mechanical affordance that begs your further attention.

Why make such a simple act as opening a door so mundane when we could be entranced by the beauty, craft, design and effort that went into the construction of this everyday device?

bibimbap, Aug 15 2002

(?) The Lament Configuration http://www.losman.com/hellraiser.htm
Just what door are you trying to open ? [8th of 7, Aug 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       I like this, but you might have to post instructions for the unaesthetic.   

       Along the same lines, perhaps the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation could come up with some doors which require you to recite poetry before they open.
DrCurry, Aug 15 2002

       DrCurry - your poetry extension is a bit like the difference with "audience participation" theatre, which I've never enjoyed, and I'm not sure I'd like to recite my G. K. Chesterton before every visit to the boys' room. Otherwise - kudos to the SCC for their initiatives.
bibimbap, Aug 15 2002

       ..and on our "off" days could we just kick the bloody thing. one complicated croissant for you.
po, Aug 15 2002

       po - I like your style
bibimbap, Aug 15 2002

       What happens when you acheive the Lament Configuration ? Ewwwww....
8th of 7, Aug 15 2002

       Might be a great way to keep out the idiots who can't figure out how to work the thing.
RayfordSteele, Aug 15 2002

       I thought that all the doors in New York had the functional cousin of this idea installed?
polartomato, Aug 16 2002

       Nah, just put a 'push' sign on the pull-type door. Or always lock one side of a double door. Better yet, have the double door that is locked alternated electronically, so it's always a 50-50 chance that you've picked the unlocked door. Or design the handle to look like it should be pulled/pushed, when in fact the opposite is required. Combine all of the above, and people will slow down and contemplate things more, maybe quit that oppressive job and make other major life changes. Great idea.
entremanure, Aug 16 2002

       You'd certainly be half-baked by the time you got out.
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       I hadn't envisaged the purpose of such handles being the prevention of passage through the door - but more as an encouragement to take the time to reflect on beauty in mechanical design. Indeed, the more elegant examples of such handles would ensure the handler was aware entirely of the next required action in the door opening journey.   

       But hey - if there's a raging fire behind your back, take po's approach and kick the bloody door down.
bibimbap, Aug 16 2002


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