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Ovine Mojo Apparel

Marketing is the key.
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Male sheep, or rams, have tremendously large testicles. You know the potatoes that they use to make shoestring fries? Think two of them. Although I don’t claim to have inspected all living creatures on this green earth, I would venture that sheep carry the largest balls:bodyweight ratio title.

Naturally, such a ratio results in commendable virility. A small amount of Googling advises that one ram is to be ‘put across’ 250 ewes in one season.

The other thing is that rams grow wool on their scrotums.

The idea is to collect this scrotum wool separately during shearing, knit it into various garments, and sell it to impressionable male humans with the appropriate marketing.

Texticle, Nov 21 2006

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       21Q, what about the non self respecting males?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 21 2006

       sick just sick, with an idea like that you will get bones 4 sure, but that is probably what you wanted
Ozzy, Nov 21 2006

       I dunno. Are sheep seen as sufficiently virile? I'd've thought something from bulls more likely to hit.
DrCurry, Nov 21 2006

       But bulls don't grow wool, especially not in the area described. Maybe you're suggesting that we fashion some sort of leather garment from bulls, but that would of course be once-only harvest from each animal. Sheep get shorn at least yearly...and it doesn't hurt or harm them, which is nice.   

       I can't speak for bulls, but I would consider sheep to be sufficiently virile. Impregnating 250 females in a single 'season' is no mean feat.
Texticle, Nov 21 2006

       I probably wouldn't wear this, but I know ewe would.   

       //Well if they don't repsect themselves then neither do I.//sp. respect. [21] you are not required to respect them, you are merely invited to consider whether with judicious application of marketing, this idea might sell garments. I believe it would (witness the market for powdered rhino horn, horny goat weed and many other variations on snake oil sold in this area).

In related news, lighten the fuck up, it's only a funny idea![+]
DocBrown, Nov 22 2006

       [2 fries], that was a lamb pun.
imaginality, Nov 22 2006

       Ewe think so?   

angel, Nov 22 2006

       Stop it now, or I will be forced to lambast you.
DocBrown, Nov 22 2006

       I'm not sure wether that's called for.
imaginality, Nov 22 2006

       Oh, the shear depravity of this idea.
normzone, Nov 22 2006

       Hogget a grip, man.
imaginality, Nov 22 2006

       Actually, I think the Tapir has the biggest body:penis size ratio.
Trickytracks, Nov 24 2006

       I think you mean the reciprocal ratio. Furthermore, wiki says 'one of the longest,' not The Longest.   

       But this isn't about meat; it's about veg. Specifically, the growing and harvesting of wool thereon.
Texticle, Nov 26 2006

       I wish a had a dollar for every time I heard that.
Texticle, Nov 27 2006


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