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Magnetic Dress

Dress or halter top held in place by nothing by the forces of magnetism
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Not to be confused with my magnetic closures idea, this dress consists of magnetic disks and beads and, well, nothing else. (See link for necklace made from same.)

Owing to the highly flexible nature of the individual disks and beads, and inclination to fasten on selves when folded, the dress has to be built on you, rather than slipped on, but hey, everyone knows it takes a little extra effort to be at the cutting edge of fashion!

It's entirely possible that a halter top or mini-skirt would work better than a full dress. Volunteers for some field testing, please step forward!

Oh, and for those worried about pinching, the edges of the disks will be rounded to avoid that.

DrCurry, Apr 10 2007

Magnetic Necklace http://www.uncommon...elated&itemId=13603
Like this, only more so. [DrCurry, Apr 10 2007]

Magnetic Near-Closures Magnetic_20Near-Closures
Not like this. Except maybe for the model. (po, you still doing that gig?) [DrCurry, Apr 10 2007]


       I think the seperate pieces of the dress may pinch the wearer at some places... Also, wearing a watch and carrying a mobile phone or credit card would become impossible (if you wanted them to keep working).   

       It would be cool to see in a TV store though :P
emjay, Apr 10 2007

       You would want a friend to carry your credit card.
bungston, Apr 10 2007

       never worry to pick up a paperclip or needle again.
po, Apr 10 2007

       This just adds to the reasons why every groovy bachelor pad should have a huge, remote-operated, under-floor electromagnet.
hippo, Apr 10 2007

       //huge, remote-operated, under-floor electromagnet//   

       What other reasons pray tell? Maybe post it?
theleopard, Apr 10 2007

       Well, you need something to keep the maglev sofa airborne.
hippo, Apr 10 2007

       //Magnets would try to minimise the surface area of the dress leading to the inevitable conclusion that your bum would look big in this//   

       Most anything that makes a small bum look big is good.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 11 2007

       I've just been playing with a set of ludicrously magnetic balls and cubes and suchlike. The problem I find is that magnetic structures like this often reconfigure themselves at some slight provocation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2007

       Do they reconfigure themselves provocatively?
bungston, Apr 13 2007

       MB: this was inspired by a magnetic bangle I saw in a bead store. It was actually very stable in bangle format, despite being very unstable in every other format. Provided the connected beads form a loop for the magnetic lines to flow through, I don't think you will have many revealing moments.
DrCurry, Apr 14 2007

       //MB: this was inspired by a magnetic bangle I saw in a bead store.// Yes, a ring is pretty stable. But forming a two-dimensional sheet is more tricky. Just imagine four small squares, each with one edge labelled "N" and the opposite edge labelled "S". You can put two (or more) of them in a line thus:   

       [N S][N S]   

       and they are happy. But now make a square from four magnets:   

       [N S][N S]   

       [S N][S N]   

       This is OK, but you have a couple of N's in close proximity in the middle, and also a couple of S's. So the sheet will try to open out to make a linear "NSNSNSNS" chain.   

       Or, you can make:   

       [N S][N S]   

       __[N S][N S]   

       ie, a staggered sheet, but you still get similar problems   

       It _is_ possible to make a sheet (of square or spherical magnets), but it tends to be metastable rather than fully stable.   

       You can use different polarizations (for instance, nobody says a magnet can't have two N and two S poles), which might help. But my guess is that anything as complex as halter top is going to want to reconfigure itself somehow.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 14 2007

       Perhaps that tendency could be remedied by making the dress components of a shape with some grip - for example, tongue in groove. There would then be a structural as well as a physical impediment to sudden rearrangement. The possibility of sudden rearrangement happening anyway is why the good [Dr] will be able to charge top dollar for this dress.
bungston, Apr 14 2007

       As noted elsewhere, the beads in the magnetic bangle were cylinders that stuck strongly to each other in most any orientation, with no particularly obvious north/south polarity. I do not know how they achieved that effect.   

       Besides, I've seen similar necklaces to the one picture made entirely of spherical magnetic beads, all quite happily stuck to each other.   

       So I stand by the halter top.
DrCurry, Apr 14 2007

       Well, OK, you go stand by it if that's what you'd like to do. I'll just sit here for now.   

       It might work, but I'm not convinced. No good will come of it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 14 2007

       Now this is from a man's point of view   

       The magnetic links better be strong the tension put on fabric is fairly high especially with a dress that is not properly made all you have to do is take to big of a step and you have put a new slit in your dress or skirt.   

       With the attractive quality of magnets it would make it hard to make a good design. A mini-skirt will over come the need for a slit in the skirt but the is still a lot of tension in the seat and sides unless it is way to short to ware in public.
dev45, Apr 14 2007

       MB: oh, this one definitely needs some field testing. I don't understand why no one has volunteered yet...
dev45: hm, yeah, but I'm not about to do anything any time soon about fixing my male point of view.
a) this dress will be constructed each time it's worn, making it the ultimate in bespoke clothing, and nothing like the badly made dresses you get at the mall.
b) it's very much a novelty item for wearing for an hour or two at the kind of cocktail party where all you have to do is stand around looking under-dressed and try not to spill your drink on the host - if you think this is impractical (and it surely is), you should see some of the one-off concoctions the models arrive in. You could, after all, be wearing nothing but sushi, that people are supposed to pick off your body and eat (probably helps not to be ticklish for that one.)
I was planning to do a photo shoot with the model wearing nothing but Post-It notes - maybe I should get a large bag of magnetic beads, and stick those on the model instead. Oh, yeah, volunteers needed for that one, too.
DrCurry, Apr 15 2007

       DrCurry you are right this would be perfect for a cocktail party.   

       I meant that my comment is from man's point of view(I'm a man)   

       I need a job got any
dev45, Apr 15 2007

       Sorry, there's a hiring freeze on right now.
DrCurry, Apr 15 2007

dev45, Apr 16 2007

       But the market for computer people seems very strong at the moment. Or at least in my neck of the woods (Wall Street).
DrCurry, Apr 16 2007

       Well, if the good doctor will stand by the halter top, then so will I. I'll be wearing my ever so stylish "electromagnet cod piece" to this particular coctail party.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 16 2007

       when / if the poles flip, will I end up looking slightly silly and / or embarrassed?
po, Apr 16 2007

       If you wore this dress to a party you'd really hope that nobody was wearing the same as you or you'd get stuck together. You'd also need to take care not to stand too close to the sides of a lift.
marklar, Apr 16 2007

       "If you wore this dress to a party you'd really hope that nobody was wearing the same as you or you'd get stuck together. You'd also need to take care not to stand too close to the sides of a lift."   

       or any other metal object
dev45, Apr 16 2007

       //you need something to keep the maglev sofa airborne// Is there a reason why this invention has yet to be posted?
ed, Aug 13 2007

       I hope the young lady arrives in a Corvette or an early Saturn - if she brushes up against any other car, then that's where she'll be for the rest of the evening.
elhigh, Aug 14 2007

       She had such personal magnetism she was soon wearing four dresses, and the other ladies at the party were wearing the table cloth.
popbottle, Mar 18 2017

       "Say old chap, who was that lovely young woman with you at the cocktail party last night? She seems very attractive."
AusCan531, Mar 18 2017

       "Who was that woman I seen you with last night?"
"You mean 'I saw' "
"OK - who was that eyesore I seen you with last night?"
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 18 2017

       The magnets could be spaced with material that passes on the field but is not actually a magnet itself. Mouldings on the magnet can change shape and therefore connection/grip on the other magnets and therefore overall form.   

       Still they have to be very strong magnets, which also might have some unknown long term effects on the wearers. Especially those with pace makers.
wjt, Mar 19 2017

       Yes, so that the Marilyn Maneuver could be performed with a junkyard electromagnet.
Cuit_au_Four, Mar 19 2017


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