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Holographic X-Ray Backscatter Under-Clothing Cloak

Scan This!
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A full-body undergarment made of a designed metamaterial that creates a holographic image in X-ray backscatter of "whatever you want to look like under your clothes." You can wear this to: 1) Check-in at airport security, or 2) Parties where other guests may have access to X-ray backscatter body imagers. I considered adding an X-ray invisibility cloak option, based on recent advances in conformal optics, but am worried that airport security might not like that.

After creating this, I did my homework (better late than never) and found "Terahertz opaque clothing" in HB. See link. The improved model here has the advantage of pulling the wool over the check-in inspectors' eyes, while giving a better image of yourself.

sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 24 2010

Terahertz opaque clothing Terahertz_20opaque_20clothing
[sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 24 2010]

invisibility cloak an actual physics-based device http://www.nydailyn...sibility_cloak.html
[sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 26 2010]


       privacy at last (+)
Voice, Dec 24 2010

       We have privacy?!   

       HA HahahahaHAhaha
<wipes tear>
Oh that's rich.

       Oh it be happening without [squeaketh]'s help at all.
Yes I know that it could be/has been worse, but at least in a police state the populace knows where they stand.
I don't find our blindfold comforting.

       Anybody watching them watchers?   

       Calm down, boys. Remember, "we am those engineers." I cannot haz politics entering here. The fact I find interesting is that over history, science has given more and more power to individuals. 500 years ago, an individual could only wield a sword, and then be wiped out by the King's soldiers. Now, the individual can wield a car bomb or far worse. Not saying good or bad - just observing history. I'm not really planning to build the X-ray cloak, but if it can be done, it will be.
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 24 2010

       Point taken.
Sorry. I like the concept.

       If by "shortcomings" you mean "articles of evidence that this item will do just what it's intended to do" yes they're obvious.
The solution to "them" taking away our liberties doesn't involve lying down for "them" to walk on us, 21. That's like saying "car door locks are a bad idea because they make thieves break car windows"
Voice, Dec 24 2010

       //The shortcomings are too obvious.//   

       I thought that was why it //creates a holographic image in X- ray backscatter of whatever you want to look like under your clothes.// ?   

       It does strike me, though, that terrorists will soon get bored by the increasing difficulty of blowing up planes, and go for other targets which are easier but just as spectacular.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2010

       your whole body would light up like a giant glowing ember. how would this not get noticed?
WcW, Dec 25 2010

       //your whole body would light up like a giant glowing ember.//   

       Only if you wanted it to. With the hologram, you could make the backscatter as strong or as weak (even invisible) as you want. So if this could be built (which I seriously doubt with current technology), you could make it undetectable.
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 25 2010

       since this is based on the reflection of a radiant source the shape is limited to the actual shape of the person. we happen to be looking for abnormalities in that shape. Lets say that we have spare pair of arms; how exactly can we swath them in magic fabric and make them invisible to the scanner? If viable this technology would have to be able to essentially make you invisible to the scanner, or it would not be able to substantially change your shape. Otherwise it is a body suit filled with flesh density material that can only add, not subtract.
WcW, Dec 25 2010

       //If viable this technology would have to be able to essentially make you invisible to the scanner//   

       Recent research has demonstrated invisibility "cloaks" (in the IR and visible). It is a long way off to create one on a fabric, and one that works in the X-rays, and one that can be combined with an X-ray hologram. That's why this is only half baked! But don't tell me that physics doesn't allow it. (Of course your extra arm would have to be inside the cloak.) See the link: invisibility cloak an actual physics-based device
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 26 2010

       Can I get one that makes me look like I wish I looked under my clothes?
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 26 2010

       In certain spots, sure.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 27 2010

       there's an ointment for that.
FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2010


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