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Owner favorites

Another type of HalfBakery affection
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Allow idea creators to mark 5 or 10 of their own ideas as "personal favorites". Include this as a criteria for anyone's saved views.

(This was discussed offsite and is not my idea, but I thought it was worth posting)

phoenix, Oct 17 2003


       you're great, this would get on my list.
neilp, Oct 17 2003

       Something like that, but the concept is about giving authors a way of saying "Of all the ideas I've posted, here is/are my favorite". This is outside of votes and annotations.
phoenix, Oct 17 2003

       I like this idea because it handles the following situation well. Say I read a [phoenix] idea and like it. Now I could click on [phoenix] and start clicking on his ideas. However, there's like thousands of them and though I'm sure most are golden there's bound to be a few that aren't all that exciting. If I see that 5 are green however I'll know which ones to try first.
Worldgineer, Oct 17 2003

       // Of all the ideas I've posted... //   

       Ah, so people select from their own ideas. That wasn't clear in the original text. I thought you were going after any ideas that were favorites, regardless of the author, which seems more useful, insofar as the original concept is at all useful.   

       Easily done in a view. Create one called "My favorites" or whatever, and set it up to...   

       [x] Filter by idea name: show only ideas [called <]
[name 1, name 2, name 3 etc


       Post a link to it on your profile page, if anyone cares. If you want to use this as criteria for saved views, you can always include it in other views by using Filter by view.
waugsqueke, Oct 17 2003

       Well you could always give us the ability to name links on our profile pages, fearless leader.
waugsqueke, Oct 17 2003

       checking the date, not 01.04.03 in uk / 04.01.03 in us
po, Oct 17 2003

       my favourite is regularly regurgitated..
po, Oct 17 2003

       [po] Ew.
phoenix, Oct 18 2003

po, Oct 18 2003

       "I thought you were going after any ideas that were favorites, regardless of the author, which seems more useful, insofar as the original concept is at all useful."
I personally intended the criteria to include all authors by default. That seems more useful.

       For the record, this idea originated with [Worldgineer] and it's possible he had a different intent.
phoenix, Oct 19 2003

       So, [phoenix], what are they?
k_sra, Oct 20 2003

       Oh, I like something about all my ideas. It would be easier to pick a few that don't align with what I consider my normal psyche (whatever that means).   

       To avoid the appearance of a call to list, I'm not going to answer your question here, but I'll e-mail you.
phoenix, Oct 20 2003

       [waugs/px] Sorry about the confusion. I understood [px]'s idea to be choosing from all ideas, I just liked [buddha]'s modification that changed it to only your own ideas (and admittedly is my original idea, with a nice addition of color).
Worldgineer, Oct 20 2003

       (I modified the text of the idea to clarify things. I apologize for not doing so to begin with.)
phoenix, Oct 20 2003


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