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Numbered list

Number the list so one can see final count of ideas per halfbaker
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format: Croissant/bone | Count | Idea
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

"final count of ideas per halfbaker" http://www.halfbake...:n=users:i=:t=Users
Misleading, of course, since most of us have added many ideas that have since been deleted one way or another. [DrCurry, Oct 06 2004]


       I click on your name and what you describe is what I see.
bungston, Dec 12 2003

       [sloopjohnb37] if you ever look at po's list you will see a page full of ideas but i dont know how many ideas he has had only that it fills the whole page!
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       can't you count dear?   

po, Dec 12 2003

       He certainly does have a lot of ideas, that [po]!
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       mainly rubbish though! <deep brown voice>
po, Dec 12 2003

       [po] i could count until I saw your list and the size my vision
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       try farmerjohn - quantity AND quality   

       and DeGroof, and Thumbwax and UnaBubba and and and and and...   

       and Curry and Bliss (if they had not taken vacations - even more...
po, Dec 12 2003

       That would be 168 for po. I guess some people are more creative than others.
DrCurry, Dec 12 2003


       (Hint: In po's profile, carefully use the mouse to highlight just the idea column. Then copy and paste special into Word - unformatted text. This loses the line wrapping. Then Tools | Word Count... and Word will tell you the number of words, characters, paragraphs, and lines in the document; the number of lines represents the prolificness of [po]'s imagination to date.)   

       ...Oops, I took so long to think of the word "prolificness" that Dr. C. beat me to the count!
phundug, Dec 12 2003

       I think it's proliferocity.
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       phundug, please refrain from messing around in my profile page. if you delete anything important I will slap you sideways and blissmiss will never speak to you again.
po, Dec 12 2003

       168! That's a lot for a guy.
FarmerJohn, Dec 12 2003

       I go away for a few months and po turns into a fella. This Internet thing's a funny place.
sambwiches, Dec 12 2003

       And [FarmerJohn] recently became a woman (if my information is correct)!
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       I'm trying to get everything moved over to FarmerJoan.
FarmerJohn, Dec 12 2003

       168? what measurement are you using and has it to do with standardised erections? I am confused..   

       samb <wink, wink, NOW worry!>
po, Dec 12 2003

       168! Well, I'd say that was well-done.
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       don't you stick a fork in me, I might go phoof!
po, Dec 12 2003

       Only [bliss] goes "phoof." You know that.
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       its catching! Mr B went phoof <sobs>   

       and bliss has not phoofed in an age, thank goodness!
po, Dec 12 2003

       Meaningless statistics gathered from DrCurry's linked view:   

       Top Ten Contributors by Idea count:   

       FarmerJohn 411
Rods Tiger 301
UnaBubba 242
bungston 178
po 168
rayfo 165
thumbwax 136
hippo 135
phundug 133
phoenix 132

       Each one of them averaged about one idea every 5 days.   

       Top Ten contributors prorated over the life of their account (only those with 40 or more ideas included out of laziness):   

       Fishrat 1.6 days per per idea
FarmerJohn 1.6 days per per idea
phundug 1.9 days per per idea
sartep 2.2 days per per idea
AO 2.3 days per per idea
bungston 2.5 days per per idea
DeathNinja 2.5 days per per idea
lawpoop 2.5 days per per idea
Rods Tiger 3.4 days per idea
neilp 4.0 days per per idea

       Each of them averaged at about one idea every 2.4 days.   

       As DrCurry pointed out, these numbers are quite skewed due to deleted ideas, and also accounts that have been deleted & recreated.
krelnik, Dec 12 2003

       so, how many days do I have a clue? I mean idea.
po, Dec 12 2003

       You've been averaging 5.0 days per idea, po, over the 840 days your account has existed.
krelnik, Dec 12 2003

       [krelnik] and how do you know this about po?
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       krel, you are amazing! but we should stress - its quality we want! e.g. there is a very special halfbaker whose name begins with j who has only posted 2 ideas (as far as I can remember) but they are so very special!   

       other people are beginning to niggle me by posting ideas when they really should be just annos on an existing idea. come on, lets not waste valuable space...   

       nom - krel is a professional and I am becoming an admirer.
po, Dec 12 2003

       I agree, quality is better than quantity. I average over 10 days per idea, and I don't feel bad about that.   

       I am even more in awe of FarmerJohn after compiling that list, because he has such fabulous ideas and yet he still cranks them out at a tremendous pace.
krelnik, Dec 12 2003

       po i can understand your sense of admiration for [krelnik] but lets not sound too gay.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       why? I have given him a really hard time and a rough ride in the past!
po, Dec 12 2003

       po refrain from using words like rough ride. they only add to my suspicion.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       it was more the hard time, that I was thinking about..   

       actually I have been trying to work out krel's 38 ideas over 14 months - seems longer and the percentage seems smaller.
po, Dec 12 2003

       Just FYI, nomadic, [po] is a woman, and I am a man.
krelnik, Dec 12 2003

       eh? how do you know that? prove it <wink>   

       I read this article on grooming tonight - very worrying, Eric cocked his ears.
po, Dec 12 2003

       [krelnik] oh. in that case. po what are you doing for dinner tonight?!!
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 12 2003

       There, there, [Steve]. : )
k_sra, Dec 13 2003

       //[sambwiches]!! where've you been? I hope you haven't transgendered also.//   

       I'm still as manly as ever, Buddha. Right now I'm lifting weights while chopping wood with my fists. In a cowboy hat. On fire.
sambwiches, Dec 14 2003


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