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Ozone Pen

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There have been consumer products catching on recently that take advantage of the repellent properties of ionized oxygen-- repellent to dust mites, not to you, Joe or Jane Consumer.
I imagine a small pen-like device that would require but a single AA battery to use. With it, good Consumers the world over could rid eyeglasses or delicate camera lenses of the clingy mites or motes that plague them so.
Use for bellybutton lint pending approval.
motive power, Jan 02 2004

(?) What ozone smells like. http://mmd.foxtail..../2002.07.26.08.html
[jutta, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Would be great for dust on camera lenses, but my main problem with camera lenses is fingerprints on filters.   

       (Crap. The lenscap *wasn't* on.)
Baker^-1, Jan 02 2004

       We have discussed the poisonous nature of ozone before.
DrCurry, Jan 03 2004

       Obligatory "poison pen" anno.
friendlyfire, Jan 03 2004

       Then how exactly do the other products that utilize it avoid becoming instruments of torture?
motive power, Jan 03 2004

       Ignoring laser printers for the moment, the other products that generate ozone do so as an unintended by-product of ionising dust particles. I still don't quite understand why they aren't all classified as a health hazard. But if you can smell ozone, you are being poisoned.
DrCurry, Jan 03 2004

       but how would you know what ozone smelled like?
Space-Pope, Jan 03 2004

       Just burn out an electric drill.   


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