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Penicillin Spray

For cleaning mould from bathroom tiles
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Perhaps because I've seen too many time-lapse films of Penicillin and similar antibiotics killing moulds growing in petri dishes, it seems to me that a Penicillin bathroom spray would be just the thing for getting rid of the spots of black mould on my bathroom tiles and shower curtian.
hippo, Jan 01 2004

Fungus among us: http://www.pbs.org/...ancer/disc2_04.html
[Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Does it kill penicillium mold?
Amos Kito, Jan 01 2004

       The various bleach sprays on the market seem to do just fine in our bathroom.
DrCurry, Jan 01 2004

       We don't really need to introduce yet more antibiotics into the world. There's a big enough problem with resistant strains. Bleach works just fine.
hazel, Jan 01 2004

       Please no penicillin, and while we are at it no bleach either. By talking nicely to your mould you can encourage it to move to your nieghbours bathroom.
nichpo, Jan 02 2004

       Or shower in the desert.
DrCurry, Jan 02 2004

       Killing mold with penicillin would be like killing a skunk with skunk stink.
bungston, Jan 02 2004

       Concentrated sulfuric acid would do the job just don't step into the shower barefoot...
whatastrangeperson, Jan 02 2004

       wait...i have mold in my basement from flodding etc. i dont control that I like using bleach mostly becuase its actually poisonous and it gives me a feeling aof power that i am killing things with poison. but thats mostly my white western europeand blood!
Space-Pope, Jan 03 2004

       if you can make this... i want it. fishbone shmishbone. lol. where are all the croissants on this one?? What's wrong with you people?
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004


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