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PDF Marker: "Last Read Here"

So you don't need to skip through a number of pages everytime you open a PDF book that you have been reading before
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Often we find interesting books online, download them, but don't finish reading them, perhaps because we forget where exactly we have finished reading it the last time.

A hack: whenever you have read several pages of an interesting book which you would like to complete reading, Save-As it to a specific folder where you keep all the books that you wish to complete reading, and modify the filename by appending "(PAGE X)" to the beginning of the filename, and every other time you have read more pages, simply modify the filename again by changing X to the page number where you have stopped reading.

However, this is not a very nice hack, it requires manual work, and hence the idea.

Inyuki, Feb 04 2010

Here you go. http://www.docu-tra...er?act[69]=scr_shot
[leinypoo13, Feb 04 2010]


       If you have a Mac, the default PDF-viewer already saves the place you'd scrolled to in the last session.   

       I'm surprised that Adobe Reader (or whatever that shit's called) doesn't do it already, it's not like it's a complicated feature.
Mrlemonjelly, Feb 04 2010

       I'm with Mrlemonjelly. If people spent less time working on patches to try to turn a Windows machine into a proper computer, and more time buying proper Macintoshes, the world would be an immensely happier, friendlier and more attractive place.   

       But I hadn't meant to kick off the traditional debate as to whether Macs are superior to PCs.   

       Even though it's obvious that they are.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 04 2010

       You mean there are people out there who don't use macs?
pocmloc, Feb 04 2010

       Funny - I had this idea the other day and didn't even think of posting it on the halfbakery. I must need my head examined.
wagster, Feb 05 2010

       So basic and so simple. [+]
Pericles, Feb 05 2010

       I hate my Windows PC because I have to spend too much time changing its oil, rebuilding the engine, and getting the lousy carburetor from Sofware-istan to bolt on to the intake manifold and not enough time driving it. I don't want to be a mechanic. I want to be a driver. I have places to go. Where do I want to go today? Not the lousy PC garage, thank you anyways Microsoft for asking.   

       And I don't want to learn how to design a Linux box that reliably calculates pi to eight billion places or whatever they actually do with them, I could care less.   

       My PC still cannot do simple tasks because of the constant turf-war waged by corporations who think my screen is their property, and can't be bothered to actually allow me to transfer some basic contacts without third party software. I just paid for Office 2007 because for some bloody reason Office 2003 won't display LaTex characters properly, which results in my class formula notes being all wigged out.   

       When we build cars, every little piece of it from every supplier has to actually work with every other little piece. Software companies haven't quite gotten that down pat yet.   

       Microsoft still hasn't figured out in some spots that if you're going to put a pop-up window up with some critical message, leaving it up there long enough for the user to actually read would be a good idea.   

       And have you printed a pdf file using an HP deskjet lately? It still takes bloody forever. <end rant.>   

       I would kill for something like the idea.
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2010

       In a debate between Mac and Windows, I choose Plan9 :)
goldbb, Feb 07 2010

       Eek, what have I started?   

Mrlemonjelly, Feb 09 2010

       //I would kill for something like the idea.//   

       And I'd give my right arm to understand what "hyperbole" meant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2010

       ...eh, it's pretty widely baked. My PDF viewer on Linux (evince) opens to the page you left off at.
-----, Feb 11 2010


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