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search2website.com s2w

A web service that parses searches and enters data into site
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Get your info into the website's textboxes without entering the site. Here's how:

When googling for flight from NY to jerusalem one of the first sites google would try is search2website.com the bot entering the s2w site with your search-words, would itself spin out several "searches": by entering its pre - registered websites according to keywords, with the values given from your search words. It would then get a summary and if it is missing information would write a message in the name of the site: So you would get for example:
Google Search [flight ny jerusalem]

Halfbakery.com/ idea='airtunnel' The site for great inventions and even better annotations. This invention takes you faster than a plane using the jet stream.

Cheap Flight.com /lowrates? from=us.ny.ny &to=il.jslm Thank you for choosing the best site for lowest air travel prices! When do you want to fly: Today? This week? Whenever prices are low? Enter certain date [ ]

Cheap Flight.com /package? special=ny_jslm Thank you for choosing the best site for lowest air travel prices! Join our package today!


If your NOT missing any data it would give you the full result:

Cheap Flight.com /lowrates? from=us.ny.ny &to=il.jslm
Thank you for choosing the best site for lowest air travel prices!
El-Al 109 From Kenedy to Ben Gurion Leaving today (NY time) 11:30am Landing today (NY time) 10:30pm - approximately 11.5 hours. Price $650. Includes Cosher meal.

Iran Air 613 From Kenedy to Ben Gurion Leaving today (NY time) 11:45am Landing today (NY time) 10:45pm - approximately 11.5 hours. Price $650. Includes Vegetarian meal.

That way you have directly in google something much better than just an ad. Its the info people really want.

pashute, Mar 17 2010

the case you mentioned http://www.google.c...ht%20ny%20jerusalem
produces 3 pages of travel agents, and that's not including the sponsored ads on the right hand side [FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2010]


       [-] you're asking too much of the search engine and in the case you've mentioned it would screw up people who were searching for "took flight from their battered homeland of jerusalem, finally coming to new york"...   

       which it does already <link>
FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2010

       [toaster] thanks!! OK, I get the point. My idea is almost toasted, but I think its not yet burnt. I'll have to give a better example.   

       And I'm not asking the search engine to do anything. I'm talking about an extra service, that would be one of google's favorite bot stops, since it would always give a comprehensive answer (answers). google and the others would be "consumers" of this website.
pashute, Mar 18 2010


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