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PSA: Popcorn Security Alarm

"No butter, please, it stains the upholstery"
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My 1987 Nissan King Cab is a modest vehicle, of the type referred to as "sport truck". It has one fender that has not seem injury, faded red paint, and 330,000 miles on it.

It still runs great, and it's all I got out of an ugly divorce, so I'm determined to drive it until I have recovered my investment. But it's a magnet for thieves - every amateur burglar in training has to make a pass at it. It seems it's worth money for parts, or as a functioning vehicle in Mexico.

I have a standard alarm on it, and I keep no valuables in it, but that doesn't stop fools from breaking in and doing a quick rummage. They never take anything, just rummage.

Enter the PSA. When the alarm is tripped, powerful microwave emitters focus on devices similar to airbags, but filled with popcorn. The vehicle rapidly fills with rich, crunchy corn, and my jumper cables, emergency hat, and coffee cup are protected by the high fiber barrier.

In the morning, open the door, kick out enough to allow myself to drive, and away I go, munching in traffic.

normzone, Apr 24 2006

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       Way to take a bite outta crime. [+] I keep hitting the "vote for" button, but it'll only register one.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 25 2006

       Nice idea [+]. Not sure about how effectively you could clean your vehicle afterwards, but alternative security devices are something I find quite interesting. Personally I like the flamethrower devices found in Africa, but for the western urban thug something like this would be cool. Just don't set the alarm off yourself! The other day I jumped into my car a bit lively, and impatiently turned the ignition key just as I pressed the last number on my immobiliser. Bam. Locked out for half an hour.   

       .. I picture amused onlookers see my car attack me with popcorn ..
kuupuuluu, Apr 25 2006

       Hey [norm] I just bunned this and brought it up to a whopping 2.5 buns. (don't know how I missed it the first time around) +
xandram, Jul 09 2007

       hooray for biosolutions! [+]   

       [Not sure about how effectively you could clean your vehicle afterwards]   

       All you need is a pimp-my-ride vinyl upholstry job along with the installation, and wala! Cleanup is a snap. Two other thoughts: 1. popcorn-induced roadkill issue? and 2. any way to recycle the corn and send it off to feed the hungry? how about a stop-'n-de-pop service?
jenifemeral, Jul 09 2007

       Would there be airbags as well to protect oneself during a car accident?
ShellCandy, Jul 10 2007

       Why not use the popcorn? It may cut, but its just as squishy (and probably effective).
Seoman, Jul 10 2007

       I would break in just to see it. Bring a group of friends and set it of, stand back and watch. Then hang out with you and enjoy popped corn over technical subsystems conversation about the complexities of the alarm. Does a corn muffin count as a bun? [+]
evilpenguin, Jul 10 2007

       Does it go off if you just give the car a shake? Could become very inconvienient if you return to a car full of popcorn every time you come out of the supermarket.
simonj, May 14 2008

       [hippo], Close, but mine was two years newer, faded red red, and with stock tires and a white shell. I miss it, but I like my white 2005 Camry SE, even though I owe a million dollars on it.   

       I'd want the alarm to only respond at the strongest of impacts. It would need a sensitivity level adjustment and a test mode, definitely.
normzone, Aug 05 2008

       I doubt movie theater owners would like this. Having their parking lots full of popcorn would kill profits.
popbottle, Jun 21 2016

       In the passenger seat, a hungry homeless man is patiently picking glass fragments out of the popcorn. He gives you a friendly wave.
pertinax, May 05 2018


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