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Phantom Car Remote

"I'm back!"
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You drive in to the parking garage of the mall and park your car. You get out and hit your key fob to set the alarm. But what good is that alarm if the first Honda, with an exhaust pipe the size of a coffee can, driving by sets it off? No one cares- in fact it's annoying. And it's not a deterrent to thieves.

What if you could set your car security system to give the appearance that you are nearby with the remote? When your car detects that a person is right next to it, a double chirp is heard while the interior lights and head and taillights flash. A recorded voice could say phrases like, "It's over here!" (Car door locks in this mode do not actually unlock). Would-be thieves would panic and walk quickly away. If prolonged or recurring triggering of system occurs, device goes into mode where it appears that owner of car is wandering nearby talking to himself that he can't find car and keeps pressing the remote.

I think best daily value of the system is keeping lawful but careless citizens from damaging your car. A couple getting into the car next to yours may set it off, and might actually mind your car doors when they swing theirs open. The shopper in a rush to get their ice cream home before it melts may be less likely to leave their cart scraping on your fender. All because they think you are returning to your car. Your own key fob will disarm the system before you get in. Of course with any security system- if they are determined to get your car they will find a way.

wombat, Aug 17 2003


       I like this idea. The success of it though depends on how soon carjackers know that it's one big lie.
JimmyPiper, Aug 17 2003

       // how soon //   

       Approx 5 minutes
DeathNinja, Aug 18 2003

       Speaking from experience as a carjacker...?   

       (Btw, a car thief is not the same thing at all as a carjacker. In fact, a carjacker will be encouraged by your proximity to the car, since that is what they require for their nefarious purposes.)
DrCurry, Aug 18 2003

       You could use one of those high-frequency tunneling unidirectional sound-projection thingies to throw the voice elsewhere so they won't realize it's the car saying the stuff.
galukalock, Aug 18 2003


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