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Kerashhhh_ _ _ _ _Wahhh
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Ever drop your mobile phone? Depending on the surface on which it falls it makes a variety of sounds, but if you install P.C.I.S. all that will change, for the better or worse, depending on your point of view.

Now instead of a sickening clatter, you get to choose your own P.C.I.S. (personalised cringe-making impact sound) In my case it has to be the dramatic sound of a smashing bottle, followed by a short period of silence then the wailing of a baby, (ie kerashhhh_ _ _ _wahhh) which is quelled as soon as you pick up and soothe the unfortunate instrument.

xenzag, Jul 27 2009

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       I'll take one, although when I drop mine about one time out of four it re-kits itself into front and rear cases, main guts subassembly, battery and touchpad cover.
normzone, Jul 27 2009

       Does it work underwater?
csea, Jul 28 2009

       The sound of a non existent air bag deployment.
wjt, Jul 28 2009


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