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Page-A-Day Halfbakery Calendar

fairly self-explanatory
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I have purchased 2 paper page-a-day calendars from Workman Publishing. They have a pretty cool selection of calendars, and they also allow you to download an additional digital calendar from their website. I'd like a calendar, either real or digital, that lists a halfbaked idea every day. Would this be doable?
nick_n_uit, Mar 03 2001

Pretty much that. http://www.idea-a-day.com/
Sign up on their mailing list, get sent an idea a day. [jutta, Mar 03 2001]

Page-A-Day's website http://www.pageaday.com/
This is the website for Workman's Page-A-Day calendars. [nick_n_uit, Mar 03 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       Doable? DOABLE??? Aaaaaaaaaaargh!
DrBob, Mar 03 2001

       Ought to make them half-sized, a la Willie Wonka's office at the end of 'Chocolate Factory'...
StarChaser, Mar 04 2001

       "do•a•ble (doo' e-bel) adj. Capable of being done.
The American Heritage Dictionary: Second College Edition. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1976.
So there! (Note: both of the e's in the pronuciation are supposed to be inverted.)
nick_n_uit, Mar 04 2001

       Would we have to look at pictures of scantily clad HalfBakery contributors as well?
hippo, Mar 05 2001

       hippo: You could call it "Stud Muffins of Pedantry"
mark_t, Mar 05 2001

       "Lousy Smarch weather!" - Homer Simpson
Actually, waugsqueke, it's contain six.
Of course, I suppose I could just go here and get a Half-Dozen-Half-Baked-Ideas-A-Day.
nick_n_uit, Mar 10 2001


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