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Paint Bomb

Mask off the windows, lights, floor, and cat; pull pin; run.
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The folks who make dye bombs for stolen bank loot have the right idea: a non-lethal bomb that covers its surroundings in living color. I want one in generic suburban off-white that'll allow me to paint the interior of my house in minutes.
luxlucet, Mar 19 2005


       This is great!
bungston, Mar 19 2005

       I saw something very much like this (although unintentional) on an episode of SpongeBob Squarepaints. Err, I mean Squarepants.   

       Should I be admiting that I am that familiar with SpongeBob? Boy, I like that cartoon (the Movie was pretty weak though.)
Ichthus, Mar 19 2005

       SB: *stares at bubble* Patrick, I don't think this paint bubble can get any bigger.   

       P: Nonsense! *pumps up bubble*
finrod, Mar 19 2005

       Mr Bean half-baked this
po, Mar 19 2005

       Ooooo, look at all the tiny stalactites.   

       Aw, shucks, forgot to take Granny out of the room!
DrCurry, Mar 19 2005


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